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Cravings for Sweets

An excerpt from chapter 2 of 12 Steps to Raw Food by Victoria Boutenko

"Have you ever craved sweets? When our body needs calcium, we actually crave sweets. Calcium, in nature, has a sweet taste. If we plant strawberries on a soil rich in calcium, the strawberries will be very sweet. Sometimes we are so low in calcium that we become addicted to sweets. I had a hard time getting off sweets. I did not eat them, but every time I went in the store I had to cover my eyes so I wouldn't see them while on my way to the produce section. If I looked at the sweets I suffered from wanting to go and try them. I shared with a friend how much I craved sweets. He said, "Victoria, you are just craving calcium."He told me to soak sesame seeds and make sesame milk and drink it every day for two weeks on an empty stomach.

I followed his instructions. First, I made sesame milk from sesame seeds with honey. In a few days I didn't want it to be as sweet, so I added less honey. After a week I didn't want honey at all. Then I wanted a bitter taste, so I switched to brown sesame seeds. For two weeks I didn't go anywhere without my big mug of sesame milk. Two weeks later another friend offered me a medjool date. I love medjool dates! I took one bite and I could not swallow it! It was too sweet for me. The balance in my body had changed. I didn't want sweet things anymore, not even good sweet things. Fantastic! "



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