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Food Shapes Our Body

An excerpt from Eating for Beauty by David Wolf

"Just as the crashing waves caress the beach cliffs every day, every night, relentlessly, and thus shape those cliffs ever so subtly, so too, do the foods we eat shape our form subtly, slowly, and methodically over time.

Some people have believed that food does not affect them. Picture now that eating is about taking an object that is foreign to our body and putting that inside ourselves. Food is not just a factor that affects us, it is the primary thing that affects us. If what we put inside our bodies does not affect us, what could?"

"It is important to get clear on nature's setup. We are all familiar that the world is set up in a certain way, the sun rises, the plants grow, the seasons change. If we throw an apple up, the chances are that it will come down. The universe if governed by general patterns (even if we do not know what they all are). It seems that all human progress and wisdom has been about discovering what those patterns are, and coming to an understanding and awareness of those patterns.

he first of these "habits of nature" is called "cause and effect." "Cause and effect" means that each action, such as eating a mean, adds up and becomes a cause set in motion and leading us to a certain destination. Dietary choices made each day have a cumulative effect; that is why many people have chosen to follow excellent diets. If we are not careful, poor food choices will catch up to us. It is great to remember, that if we start feeling the effects of indigestion, poor digestion, constipation, or the lack of a feeling of satiation, then we know these "effects" can be remedied by elimination the "causes". And if we listen to our body's messages, we will understand that digestive and other ills are caused by eating the wrong foods. Many people are becoming aware that the world has been set up with certain dietary patterns which were idea for us since the moment we first appeared on earth. "


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