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Getting Enough Amino Acids by Viktoras Kulvinskas

At the time of the initial release of Survival [Viktoras' book, Survival in the 21st Century], the general dietary direction I recommended was to eat progressively lighter high-energy foods such as fresh squeezed wheatgrass, green drinks and vegetable juices, indoor baby greens, sprout salads and fruit. One would eventually reach a level of internal purity that would only enhance the ease of metabolic functioning, but also enable living fooders to tap into more subtle life-energies found in sunlight and air.

Without proper guidance, however, some people became "spacey", lost too much muscle mass and generally became too vibrationally sensitive in relation to their surroundings. I'm not completely dismissing this direction in dietary evolution... there's a time and place for everything.

Make sure to eat enough live plant protein each day. I've seen too many raw fooders deficient in essential amino acids. Eat the kind of protein that has its enzymes still intact. Sprouted grains, soaked seeds and nuts are the highest sources of high quality, enzyme-rich protein. They can be consumed in fermented form as well. Eat plentiful amounts of green and blue-green foods. Blue-green algae from Klamath Lake, Oregon, wheatgrass juice, sea vegetables such as dulse, Nori, wakeme, organic green salads, vegetables juices and well-selected therapeutic herbs and spices also play a prominent role in my design of individual dietary programs. In addition, over the last 5 years or so, I advised many people to cut back on the quantity of fruit they consume, even carrot juice, as these sweet foods aggravate compromised immune systems and those suffering from candida yeast problems, chronic disease and/or staph infection.

As far as "cleansing diets", I'm all for them, however, as I alluded to above, I have one caveat: As you're bound to lose some muscle mass in the process, make an effort to rebuild as soon as possible. For if you get to skinny and yinny (spacey) you'll become too sensitive to environmental pollution as well as any psychic and physical discord around you. More specifically, I don't advise permanently losing more than 10-15% of your recommended weight for your height and body build during any single cleansing period. But if your weight does take a nose-dive, an exercise program which includes some form of resistance training (i.e. heavy lifting or weight training), in conjunction with a diet of sprouted grains, soaked seeds and soaked nuts with other super foods will speed muscle mass recovery at a rate of about a pound per week.



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