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It's a Matter of the Tongue

An excerpt from Hooked on Raw by Rhio

"When switching to a more natural diet it may take time for the tongue to catch up to the new taste. This is because the tongue has been "pickled" by all the heavy salt, refined sugar, corn syrup, white vinegar, MSG, nitrates, saccharin, Nutrasweet, and other chemicals you have been ingesting. It takes approximately two to three months away from all of these things to get your tongue back to normal. Once you get through the initial phase, then you will start to appreciate the true flavors of the fresh fruits, vegetables, sprouted nuts, seeds, legumes and grains you are eating.

In the beginning, you may find you have to add a lot more seasoning to the foods to even taste anything. Over time, however, you will add less and less as your tongue normalizes. After you get over the first hurdle, you will be pleased to discover that when you again taste anything "chemicalized," you will be acutely aware of it and you will then recognize the difference between real food and "factory food." A good tongue and sense of smell are your best insurance against eating something not beneficial to you..." "From eating a high-raw diet you will become so sensitive that you will be able to distinguish, just by taste, which produce was grown with chemicals and which was not. I refer here to the fresh raw produce. Once food is cooked and masked with salt, MSG, and other chemicals you will no longer be able to discern the difference..."


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