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Protein in Raw Foods

An excerpt from Raw Power by Stephen Arlin

"Protein is a heavy building material which appears in nuts, but is also available in vegetables and even fruits. Cooked protein is coagulated and dead. Cooked proteins simply clog the tissue system causing the muscle tissue to puff up. Strength is gained at the expense of vitality and the body is put under a tremendous strain to prevent damage to the ligaments and joints. Adequate, raw proteins help you to gain desirable weight, but are not necessary in large amounts.

The gorilla is the strongest land mammal pound-for-pound. A gorilla has the strength equivalent to bench pressing 4,000 pounds (1800 kg)! Gorillas eat primarily green-leafy materials which are the real body builders. Of course, the gorilla is a 100% raw plant eater! Do you think if a gorilla ate bread, meat, cheese, candy, etc. every day it would be able to perform feats of strength like this? I think not.

Raw proteins are build from substances called amino acids. Of the 22 necessary amino acids, there are eight which our bodies must get from outside sources. All of these eight are present in raw plant foods (especially green foods) in their correct proportions. Think of a cow which is 1000+ pounds (450 kg) of protein flesh. What does a cow eat? Grass. All the amino acids necessary for the cow to build an enormous body are present in grass, and any green plant for that matter."


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