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Roxanne's Restaurant Experience

This is a letter we received describing one person's experience eating at famous Roxanne's, a premier all raw restaurant near San Francisco. We found it very interesting and thought we'd pass it on!

"Dear Ron,

...I spoke to you about going to SF and eating at Roxanne's (the raw food restaurant in Larkspur, CA). You said to let you know how it was, so I'm writing to tell you what an unbelievable experience it was.

When I first mentioned the restaurant to my daughter, she said she heard about it, and everyone said it was great, hard to get in, expensive and you need to make a reservation at least 2 weeks in advance. I told her how I'd read about it in a news article you sent and would very much like to go. So she said she would make a reservation.

First of all, we couldn't get a reservation until 9:00pm. When we arrived, there were people standing and the restaurant was full. We only had to wait 10 minutes or so. We were there for 2 hours or more and the people were still coming in to eat. The service was great and very friendly. Each time we were waited on it was someone new; not your usual one waiter per customer. It was strange not to see salt and peppershakers or bread and butter on the table. Once you taste everything, you understand why.

We started off with drinks. As you can see by the enclosed copy of the menu, they were healthy and very tasty. The way it worked was, you order an entrée and one side for $28, with two sides, $39 and with three sides, $40 something. We ordered two sides each and shared everything so we were able to taste six items, plus dessert and our drinks. Each one was better than the last. We were overwhelmed. We could hear people around us making nothing but good comments. We loved it, and even though our bill was $140 for two, we were glad we had the experience…"

The all raw menu items they had:

  • Drink: Diamond Mind, amaretto java, gingko biloba, schizandra fruit, and Siberian ginseng root for mental clarity and memory.
  • Cucumber wrapped summer roll with sweet red peppers, julienne carrots, coconut noodles and sweet chili sauce.
  • Marinated Olive and tomato pizza with baby arugula and herbed cashew cheese
  • Summer fruit soup of orange, strawberry broth, Medjool date, avocado and papaya, with habenero sprinkle and flower essences.
  • Baked almond cheese over curly cress and tiny lettuces with honey mustard sauce
  • Pad Thai of coconut noodles, cilantro, Thai basil, almond chili and sweet tamarind sauces
  • Lasagna terrine layer with roma tomato sauce, mushrooms, baby spinach, corn and cashew cheese
  • Carrot Cake with ginger-pecan ice cream

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