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Generic Recipe for Chowder

From Raw Family by Sergei, Victoria, Igor and Valya Boutenko

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Blend 1 cup coconut with 1 cup water for 1 minute in vita-mix or 2 minutes in regular blender. Add 1 cup cashews and blend for another 1/2 minute.
Add the following and blend well:
1 cup water
1/2 cup extra virgin cold pressed olive oil
1 teaspoon honey
1 cup chopped celery
Hot peppers to taste
2-5 cloves garlic

Now you have plain chowder.

Pick the flavor:
For clam chowder taste, add: dulse flakes
For broccoli: chopped broccoli
For mushroom: your favorite mushrooms, dried or fresh
For tomato: chopped tomato
For carrots: grated carrots
For corn: cut corn off the cob or use frozen corn
For pea: fresh or frozen peas

Your own creation...
Sprinkle with dry parsley flakes before serving.

Note: this soup will become warm because of much blending. It's OK, because it's still raw. (Just don't let it become hot!) Warm soups are comforting in the cold wintertime, Serves 5.


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