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Raw Spaghetti

From the Radstrom family's recipes

This is a great spaghetti substitute. You can use many kinds of vegetables for this. Some of our favorites are raw: squashes, zucchini or carrot. Also try a mix of several kinds of veggie for even more flavor!

Shred or use a vegetable slicer to create thin, noodle-like stands of whichever vegetables you like. A great device for raw spaghetti is the Spirooli* - it makes long, round strands of vegetable which are exactly like pasta, and is very fast! (If you don't have a Spirooli, use a grater and make longer strokes, or use a potato peeler, or slice the vegetables by hand.)

Top your raw spaghetti with crushed or chopped tomatoes, garlic, olive oil and Celtic sea salt. You can also add other vegetables such as chopped onion or mushroom. Fresh herbs like cilantro and oregano are great, too!



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