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Miracle II Complete for Hygiene, Personal & Home Care Package
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Everything you need for an additive-free, non-toxic healthy hygiene gift basket. Perfect for sensitive skin.


Contains the following 7 items:
Miracle II Soap
  • This is excellent for oily skin and hair. This multi-purpose, non-toxic, soap may be used for cleaning, laundry, etc., as well as for body soap and shampoo, even brushing teeth! (Follow with swishing mouth with Miracle II Neutralizer Liquid afterwards.)

    It is biodegradable and naturally concentrated. The green color is made from dehydrated seaweed, instead of a synthetic coloring. The foaming agent derives from coconut husk. It can be diluted into light, medium & heavy cleaning solutions.

    This soap works to open the millions of pores on the human body. This assists the body with its natural detoxification process, allowing it to eliminate many toxins. Toxins are eliminated effectively through the skin when used while bathing.

Miracle II Moisturizing Soap
  • This is the moisturizing version of the regular Miracle II Soap, and it works very well for those people who are prone to having trouble with dry skin! Just bathe with the Moisturizing Soap and enjoy cleanliness without the chapped skin! This smooth, creamy soap is just right!
Miracle II Neutralizer
  • This a colorless and tasteless liquid. It is an incredibly effective skin-repair wash. Can be used to wash broken skin, on insect bites, poison ivy and is gentle enough to be used around the eyes.
Miracle II Neutralizer Gel
  • Everything you love about the liquid in a gel formula! It dries quickly and is non-sticky. Compare this gel's results with aloe vera - you will be astounded.
Both the Neutralizer Liquid and Gel are excellent to alkalize tissues through the skin to soothe over-worked muscles and irritations.
Miracle II Skin Moisturizer
  • This lotion is greaseless and has a very pleasant aroma. It contains fabulous oils and emollients, including cold pressed Apricot, Almond and Coconut oils, Vitamin E and energized water. It is soothing and comforting on dry skin areas.
Tampico Skin Brush
  • These bristles are made from Tampico fiber - the unbleached stem of the Agave plant. The handle is hardwood and improved with a protective natural coating.
    • The Tampico Skin Brush can be used to:
      • aid the body's natural cleansing process as part of a cleanse program
      • exercise and stimulate the skin
      • gently exfoliate and deep clean the skin
pH Paper
  • Proper saliva pH is 7.3, denoting a reserve of alkaline minerals. However, many people's saliva pH is far more acid. Through cleansing of toxins, a healthy diet high in fresh vegetables, and avoiding processed foods, one can improve one's pH level. Use this roll of pH paper to monitor your body's pH and determine your true level of health!

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Success Stories

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Miracle II Complete for Hygiene, Personal & Home Care Package

It is a natural face lift. You can combine the Neutralizer Gel with the Skin Moisturizer Lotion. The moisture from the lotion does not hinder the tightening of the skin. The Neutralizer Gel works alone too. If I put a lot around my mouth at night, I have no wrinkles around it in the morning. It fills the wrinkles out.

The Neutralizer Gel can be a pain reliever to take care of stings and insect bites.

I have been using it for 8 years... I used both the Neutralizer Gel and the Miracle II Soap and I feel it contributed to my well-being… It is so alkalizing.

I have used the Neutralizer and Soap to clean my carpets. 100% of the time there is no smell or stains left in the carpet. The chemicals the carpet cleaners have in them make me sick. Just soap and liquid neutralizer in the carpet cleaner works great!
~ B. R., Clearwater, Fl

I was exposed to mold in a condo I was living in for a year and it wreaked havoc on my body. Dizziness, brain fog, headaches, numbness and tingling, extreme fatigue, pain, etc…

(Mold made me sensitive to and unable to detox oxylates, salicylates and phytates. I have had histamine reactions to many foods and other things.)

I've been taking supplements and doing a detox regime to help with getting this out of my body. I used Serrapeptase [Serretia] first to clear out sinuses and help me breathe.

I remembered I used Miracle II years ago for detox and to remineralize. I decided to try it again and it has made a huge difference for me. I feel more energy - less fatigue, better vision, less headaches and just all over feeling better. I have been bathing daily for 10-20 minutes soaking in 1 capful of the Miracle II Soap and 2 capfuls of the Miracle II Neutralizer.
~ Amy Lidman


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