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Celtic Sea Salt® Fine Ground - 1 lb. bag
Our Price: $10.50

Why You Need It

Celtic Sea Salt® Fine Ground - 1 lb. Bag

Celtic Sea Salt® Brand Fine Ground is the same type of salt as our coarser Light Grey Celtic® variety, but this variety is dried at a low temperature then finely ground. Celtic Sea Salt® Fine Ground has no additives and is not processed in any way beyond drying and grinding. With a flavor subtler than that of the coarser variety, it is an all-purpose shaker salt convenient for use at the table or in baking. Celtic Sea Salt® Fine Ground is the perfect salt for the novice health buff, and is a great way to introduce friends and family to Celtic Sea Salt®.

Our Celtic Sea Salt® is a genuine, natural sea salt produced without refining, oven drying or chemical additives. The refinement and inclusion of additives in white table salt can be harmful, and all refined white salts, including those labeled sea salts, are known to be detrimental to health.

Natural salts that come from pristine, clean salt farms in France make food tastier and more digestible and may often, even measurably, help improve health.

The daily use of our Celtic Sea Salt® along with a whole-grain-based diet could greatly reduce toxins and prevent ill-health. These findings, documented and confirmed by many other biologists, are published for the benefit of consumers at large.

These natural products are obtained from traditional organic salt farmers, under the highest quality controls. The method used for gathering them follows a time-honored 2,000 year-old Celtic culture and tradition, supported and authenticated by modern quality and purity control establishments.

Also available in Bulk 22 lb. Bag, Light Grey and Bath Salt versions.

Mineral Analysis of Celtic Sea Salt


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