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SunBurn/Skin Soothers Duo
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Why You Need It

Soothe Your Sunburn and Skin

Silver Water First Aid Gel and Miracle II Neutralizer Gel
each provide soothing relief for sunburn and other skin irritations, and help to repair.

Both gels are great for sunburn. Their other uses overlap but are somewhat different. Silver Water First Aid Gel has antibiotic properties which help prevent infection in irritated areas. Miracle II Neutralizer Gel can be used daily for skin care and beauty in addition to soothing irritations.

MIRACLE II NEUTRALIZER GEL 8 oz bottle. For topical use.
Odorless, colorless and tasteless. Fast-drying and non-sticky. Formulated to neutralize acids from external or internal sources. No harsh chemical ingredients. Very soothing on the skin.

Miracle II Neutralizer Gel is exceptionally effective for skin repair. Perfect for care of sensitive skin. Will give a fresh energizing glow of radiant health to your complexion.

A great soother for sunburn! Keep a bottle in your refrigerator to cool down your skin after sunbathing and neutralize painful redness.

A wonderful hair gel and detangler without the harsh and unsafe toxins found in many hair gels.

Soothers other minor irritations on skin or in muscles or joints. Thumb sore from using bowling ball? Try Neutralizer Gel. Perfect as an aftershave gel. Also helps protect the skin from mosquito bites.

Miracle II Neutralizer Gel also can be used as a healthy carrier for essential oil applications.

SILVER WATER FIRST AID GEL 8 oz bottle. For external use only.

Soothes sunburn rapidly, takes away the painful redness. Helps peeling stop sooner as the skin heals. Put a bottle in the refrigerator to soothe on after a sunburn and get double relief from the cold and healing properties of the gel. Adds moisture and seals it in.

It works very well for rashes, insect bites, animal scratches, scrapes, burns, cuts, baby's diaper rash, poison oak and poison ivy too. Can be used underarms and as an aftershave gel for cuts.

Success Stories

I tried both the Neutralizer Gel and Silver Water First Aid Gel when I had a sunburn. They definitely take the heat and burning out of the skin! Both did the same on my sunburned legs, and this stuff works a lot better than the OTC stuff. I first used Silver Water First Aid Gel on my back which made the redness go away right away. It handled the sting and heat on my skin. I took a warm rag and rubbed off the peeling skin right away. It was amazing! Usually I have to sit there and peel it off for days or weeks, but it all rubbed off right away after 3 days. Great! - Jessica, FL

Miracle II Neutralizer Gel is a natural face lift. You can combine the gel with the lotion. The moisture from the Miracle II Lotion does not hinder the tightening of the skin. The gel works alone too. The gel is also a pain reliever and takes care of stings and insect bites. If I put a lot around my mouth at night I have no wrinkles around it in the morning. It fills the wrinkles out. - B.R.

About 10 years ago I had a bad burn from a teapot on my finger that was blistering and caused me pain. I had the area on ice for about 8 hours and finally told a friend about it. She reminded me that I had some Silver Water First Aid Gel. I'd had it in my cabinet for about 2 years and had forgotten about it. I put the gel on my finger and within 5 minutes the blisters stopped and the pain went away! I've tried every silver water gel on the market and this is the only one I found that works. I've never seen it have a bad affect on someone. - Joan W., Clearwater, FL

My wife uses Silver Water First Aid Gel on her mosquito bites and it stops the itching and makes it go away by the next morning. This gel is great! I am a postal worker who delivers to a building with a lot of sick people in it. I'm in there for an hour a day and I come in contact with a lot of people since I'm delivering their mail. I use Silver Water First Aid Gel on a cotton swab and put a little in each nostril before I go into the building to make sure if I'm exposed to anything it will have a hard time getting into my system. I also use Silver Water First Aid Gel before traveling on an airplane. Planes are one of the sickest places you can go with all the stale air. Silver Water First Aid Gel keeps me in good health every day; since I've been using it I haven't gotten sick yet from being around people who might have an illness. - R. W. Port Richey, FL

These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. These stories are from customer whose individual results vary. This information is for educational purposes only and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Consult with your health practitioner if you have a health problem.


Miracle II Neutralizer Gel

Ingredients: Electrically Engineered/Oxygenated Water, Calcium, Potassium, Magnesium, Ash of Coconut Shell Solution in a base of biodegradable gel.

Silver Water First Aid Gel

Ingredients: Colloidal silver 3ppm, glycerin, pH-adjusted carbomer (vegetable). This product is a combination of plant gelatin and Silver Water.


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