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Miracle II Soap
SKU: MIRACLE II:M2 Soap - 22 oz.
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Available in a 22 oz. bottle and 1 gallon bottle.

Miracle II Soap is excellent for oily skin and hair. This soap is great for decontaminating, cleaning, laundry, etc. It is biodegradable and naturally concentrated. The green color is made from dehydrated seaweed, instead of a synthetic coloring. The foaming agent derives from coconut husk. It can be diluted into light, medium & heavy cleaning solutions.

Miracle II Soap works to open the millions of pores on the human body. This assists the body with its natural detoxification process, allowing it to eliminate many of the toxins that can cause various ills. Toxins are eliminated effectively through the skin when used while bathing.

Light Cleaning

Mix 1/8 oz. of Miracle II Soap to 32 oz. of water in a spray bottle. Great for cleaning glass, mirrors, counter tops, stainless steel, leather, etc.

Medium Cleaning

Mix 2 oz. of Miracle II Soap to 32 oz. of water in a bottle dispenser or spray bottle. Excellent for washing dishes, pots, pans. floors, tile, bathrooms, cabinets, refrigerators, etc.

Heavy Cleaning

Mix 4 oz. of Miracle II Soap to 32 oz of water in a bottle dispenser or spray bottle. For those heavy duty needs like laundry, oven cleaning and removing stains from the carpet.


Bathe or shower with Miracle II Soap and leave on for as long as possible because it helps in opening up and pulling toxins out of the pores, which also aids in eliminating body odor.

Make-up Remover

Use Miracle II Soap on face with wash cloth or with hands. If skin is acne prone, use hands to apply Miracle II Soap.


Use Miracle II Soap or Moisturizing Soap to wash pets.

Washing Fruits and Vegetables

Soak fruits and vegetables in a solution of 20 drops of Miracle II Soap with water for 5 - 10 minutes.

Success Stories

I started using Miracle II Miracle Soap about 12 years ago and I love it. It is a very mild soap and is non-drying on my skin. I like that there is no junk or chemicals in it; it is a very clean product. Miracle Soap also has just the right amount of suds. - S. M. Clearwater, Fl

Miracle II Moisturizing Soap is the best thing I've ever used for bathing and shampoo. Once you use this soap you won't want to use anything else. A year ago a friend of mine told me to come to Southern Botanicals to try this soap and she was right about how good it is! ~Dr. Otto Schweitzer Clearwater, FL

I've been using Miracle II Soap for many years now and love how well it works. I use it for a lot of things such as cleaning big spots on my bathroom carpeting. I use it after I clean my partial dentures and it works great to make sure they are fresh. After I take a shower and wash my hair, I put a few drops in the bathtub, fill it with water, leave for 20 minutes and any residue wipes off. It really helps keep my bathtub clean of mildew and helps the drain stay clear too. Elizabeth Konrath, Clearwater, FL

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Electrically Engineered/Oxygenated Water, Calcium, Potassium, Magnesium, Ash of Coconut Shell Solution, Vegetable Gum.

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