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Nourishing Adrenal & Thyroid Tea (3.5 oz. Dry Herbs)
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Are You Fatigued? Adrenal Support Can Help

If you feel you no longer have the resilience to meet life's many challenges, you may have exhausted adrenals and slow thyroid.

By drinking this tea daily, you will allow a healthy response to stress to be maintain, along with increased energy. Rejuvenating the adrenals can improve sleep too, so that you can relax, not feel constantly stressed out.

Nourishing Adrenal & Thyroid Tea is delicious - with a light, mellow and fruity taste matching its natural rosy color. You will be so glad you made this tea part of your daily routine!

Endocrine glands such as the adrenals and thyroid especially need certain minerals and natural absorbable Vitamin C. With the Nourishing Adrenal & Thyroid Tea you will be getting natural plant-based Vitamin C and Vitamin B's, minerals like Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium, Iron and other beneficial, strengthening nutrients from organic and wildcrafted herbs that provide the powerful nutrition needed by your adrenals and thyroid glands.

Slow nourishing of the adrenals with this herbal tea allows the adrenals to rebuild over time. You can't rush the adrenals with stimulants, as this may create more stress on them. You can recognize this by a shaky feeling or complete burnout.

How Do the Adrenals Affect the Thyroid?

The two small adrenals glands that sit atop your kidneys mobilize the "fight or take flight" hormones, adrenaline and cortisol, to increase your heart rate and blood sugar under stressful or dangerous circumstances when you need sudden energy.

But unfortunately they also respond to ongoing worries and situations of emotional conflict by outpouring these same hormones. This requires your body to draw on resources to replenish and restore a balanced state. But over long periods of stress, if you don't have enough resources for your needs nor excellent nutrition, eventually the adrenals become unable to respond to the challenges.

Eventually you just get worn out.

When your adrenal system becomes overwhelmed, over time the endocrine system can become unbalanced as it tries to cope. The adrenals connection can actually affect your thyroid so even normal energy demands aren't met. You then may feel some affects of slow thyroid, such as lowered body temperature, less resistance to infection, slowed metabolism, weight gain, slowed bowel movements and low energy, when it isn't really a thyroid problem. This is a hidden influence.  

Nourishing the adrenals and rebuilding their health can have a beneficial affect on your thyroid and the rest of your endocrine system. Stabilizing your adrenals  with nutritional and herbal support may help both stay in better balance.

You can feed your adrenal glands with important nutrient herbs before you reach an exhausted state ... or if you have already burnt out with stress, give your glands nourishment to rebuild.

NOTE: This information is for educational purposes only, not intended to diagnose or treat a medical condition. It may help you to better know what to ask your doctor. Consult your physician so as not to overlook a medical condition. 


Ingredients (*Organic): Ashwagandha (wildcrafted), Rose Hips*, Oat Top/Seed*, Oat Straw* Holy Basil Leaf*, Nettle Seed* & Nettle Leaf*

Contains no sugar, no animal products, no GMOs and no fillers.

Suggested Use

Drink fresh daily, 2 to 4 cups a day. We recommend making a pint or quart of tea at a time to drink all day. This tea is slightly energizing, so drink it in the morning and throughout the day, but not just before bed. The tea contains approximately 23 tablespoons.

This tea is not powdered, but contains whole or cut dried herbs, leaves, seeds and fruit which benefit from soaking and simmering to extract their beneficial properties.

Mild Tea: 1 Tablespoon dry herbs in each pint of water, or 2 Tablespoons per quart.

Strong Tea: 3 Tablespoons per quart of water.

1. Put dry tea in a tea ball of stainless steel in a small pot of pure water to soak. If you have no tea ball, just soak the herbs in the pot of water. You can strain it later when it is ready.

2. Soak for at least 15 minutes to a coule of hours (even overnight is fine) in covered pot.

3. Bring to a simmer in covered pot and immediately turn off, and leave on warm stove to steep.

4. Pour off tea into a cup and enjoy.

5. May be stored in a container or left in the pot to drink all day.

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