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Prostate Tonic with Pygeum 2 oz. dropper bottle
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Why You Need It

Prostate Tonic with Pygeum is a combination of organic and wildcrafted herbs in a liquid supplement to support prostate health. Now with Pygeum, from the bark of an African evergreen tree known since the 1700's for antii-inflammatory use and as having an affinity for the prostate. Pygeum is a common herbal remedy used in France and other countries in Europe.

Prostate Tonic with Pygeum:

  • Supports normal healthy prostate function and size, and normal urinary flow.
  • Supplies antioxidant protection to prostate and bladder tissues.

This natural remedy is made using a unique blend of herbs that modulate hormones and enzymes. Also diuretic, antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory. Saw Palmetto and Pygeum wotk together as a power combination to give your prostate the support it needs from natural sources!

Be on the alert for signs of enlarged prostate!

Many men have come to believe that an enlarged prostate is a normal process that all aging men go through. Consequently, they will go long periods of time before addressing the problem when they first see symptoms such as:

  • Weak urine stream
  • Incomplete bladder emptying
  • Difficult, frequent or urgent urination
  • Getting up at night to urinate and other issues

If symptoms continue, a man risks eventually having incontinence, or an inability to urinate, bladder or urinary tract or kidney infections. Further, these symptoms could be the signs of prostate cancer. So best to see your healthcare practitioner to receive a diagnosis, and to rule out prostate cancer.

Additionally, some problems may come from too much over-processed, unhealthy food in the diet and use of plastics in food storage. For example, non-organic farmers inject cows and chickens with steroids and growth hormones to make bigger animals and make more money, and those injections can lead to hormone and prostrate problems of all kinds. Another caveat, plastic drink bottles and food packaging and especially cooking in plastics leach estrogenic substances that are taken up by the body. So look for naturally-raised foods and avoid plastic containers whenever possible, or microwaving in plastic.

Success Stories

"I am buying more of the Prostate Tonic with Pygeum. I used to buy the original formula but this one works better for me. It works about 15% better to empty the bladder fully." � M.C. Clearwater, FL


Ingredients (*Organic, +Wildcrafted): Saw Palmetto berry*, Pygeum Bark+, Burdock root*, Nettle root+, and Corn silk*, in a base of distilled water and certified organic GMO-free alcohol.

Contains no sugar, no animal products, no GMOs and no fillers.

Saw Palmetto Berry - Phytochemicals in the berries help to keep hormone levels in balance, and have played a long term role as a folk remedy in maintaining a healthy prostate.

Pygeum Bark - Contains phytosterols such as beta-sitosterols and other phytochemicals like ferulic esters, which show anti-inflammatory action and work together to keep hormone levels balanced.

Burdock Root - This root is very popular in alternative medicine because of its blood purification capabilities. Can help dissolve excess minerals. Removes impurities and excesses from the bloodstream, and increases fluid output from the kidneys for elimination of them.

Nettle Root - Supports a healthy prostate and encourages urinary flow. Soothing to tissues.

Cornsilk - A gentle diuretic that supports and soothes the urinary tract.

Suggested Use

Take 1 to 2 droppersful 3-4 times daily. May be taken under the tongue or in 2 oz. of water, juice or tea.

See our video on the best ways to take herbal tinctures.

Works well with Liver Cleanse Duo which helps to support the liver's function of removing excess hormones from circulation.

Learn more about Enlarged Prostate and helpful lifestyle changes. ARTICLE


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