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Silver Water Spray - 2 oz
Our Price: $6.00

Why You Need It

Ionic Silver 3 ppm Serving Size: 1 spray

Ingredients: Purified, deionized microfiltered water and three parts per million of Silver mineral (99.999% pure). One ounce contains over nine billion electrically charged particles of Pure Silver mineral.

History of making Silver Water: In ancient times, spiritual masters would take a silver vessel full of pure water up on a mountain where lightening would always strike during a storm. These masters would watch to make sure the lightning hit the bowl, producing IONIC silver water.

The water was then used in various treatments. Down to modern times. The man who produces the silver water we sell, built a state of the art lightning type machine to produce the same ionic/colloidal silver water. His water is tested batch after batch and certified pure and crystal clear.

This particular silver water brand name product has an 20-year history of success. The state of the art facility is excellent and constantly being up dated.

Our Silver Water is made by a Tesla technology process where the ionic / nano particles are so small that they are considered monatomic. The inventor (Wayne Rowland) of this machine has spent millions of dollars and 22 years on perfecting the process. He has hundreds of thousands of happy clients.

People use this to supercharge their immune system. By helping to boost the immune system, you allow your own body's natural defense system to work more efficiently at helping to maintain its natural and healthy state.

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