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Organic Sulfur & Acerola Cherry Package
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Organic Sulfur and Vitamin C help the body repair itself and to handle physical stress in a healthy manner. They are both antioxidants which can remove free radicals, slowing the aging process while boosting our body's ability to grow new tissues and heal. This shows in their support for skin, joint and bone health, and improving our energy level and positive mood.

Both organic sulfur and Vitamin C are water soluble which means the body doesn't store these nutrients. They are excreted from the body in about 12 hours. Many people have a deficiency since food processing, transport, storage and cooking diminish the amounts remaining in foods rapidly.

Along with organic sulfur (found naturally in the body in the form MSM, methylsulfonylmethane ), your body uses Vitamin C to create new, healthy cells and connective tissue. An adequate supply of sulfur and Vitamin C together synergistically support healthy cell regeneration and the immune system. Organic sulfur allows for better absorption of nutrients while helping to create flexible, soft and smooth skin and hair, and joints. If you want to supplement with both organic sulfur and a natural plant food high in Vitamin C - organic Acerola Cherry, this is the package for you!

Wild-harvested Acerola Cherry freeze-dried powder has preserved its nutrients using a low-temperature, low-oxygen vacuum process. It provides 495 mg Vitamin C per serving. That is 550% of daily value! Each 8 oz. bag contains 68 servings per container. Take it with food, mixed into yogurt, a smoothie, oatmeal,chia pudding, tea, juice or water.  

One great characteristic of MSM (organic sulfur) is that it makes the cells in your body more permeable. This allows wastes and toxins to be removed out of the cells and oxygen to enter the cells. This contributes to detoxification of the body and increased energy. The body is then more able to assimilate nutrients and be more hydrated. This is part of why Vitamin C and MSM work so well together. MSM supports the efficient absorption and assimilation of the Vitamin C.

Another great benefit from sulfur is that it is supportive for bone, joint and muscle health. Sulfur is known for its anti-inflammatory property and it also helps to increase flexibility and exercise recovery time. MSM helps to repair the tissue cells in our muscles that break down during exercise and helps remove lactic acid build up which results in less soreness, pressure and cramps.

Sulfur and Vitamin C are both energy boosters, sulfur because it helps oxygenate the cells and Vitamin C because it helps fuel mitochondria efficiently. In addition, Vitamin C is concentrated in healthy adrenal glands. Vitamin C deficiency is marked by reduced adrenaline secretion. So, with sulfur acting to provide oxygen and carrying away toxic wastes, and Vitamin C boosting adrenal efficiency, you have a great combination for increased energy.

Organic sulfur helps to improve immune function, lower inflammation and help promote healthy bodily tissue. This includes supporting skin health and complexion. Both sulfur and vitamin C are necessary for the body to make collagen which is what gives skin its structure, strength and elasticity. Adequate amounts of organic sulfur and vitamin C can help reduce wrinkling of the skin and appearance of scars, dark spots and sun damage. Sulfur is known as the 'beauty mineral' not only for its effects on our skin but also because it strengthens hair and nails. Sulfur can help with thinning hair and makes hair appear shinier and healthier.


Pure Organic MSM Sulfur Crystals Minimally processed with no additives or fillers. Lasts approx a month.

Acerola Cherry Powder Freeze Dried, Wild-harvested raw, ripe Acerola Cherry fruit (Malpighia Glabra L), 495 mg Vitamin C per serving. 68 servings per package.

This supplement is 100% Gluten Free and Vegan. NO added sugar. NO maltodextrin or whey isolate.  NO magnesium stearate,  NO titanium nanoparticles. NO silicon dioxide. NO preservatives.

Unsweetened, but tastes fruity and slightly tart.

Dietary supplement FREE of milk, soy, salt, sugar, wheat, yeast, gluten, artificial flavors or preservatives.

Product is manufactured in a facility that processes milk, egg, soy, tree nuts, fish & shellfish.

Suggested Use

Take your sulfur separate from food or any other supplements.

Take your acerola cherry 
with food or drink or with water.
Do not take these together.

Take 1 flat teaspoon Organic Sulfur Crystals twice daily per hundreds pounds of body weight, dissolved in water. The easiest way to dissolve is to put your teaspoons of sulfur into pure water in a glass water bottle and let sit overnight (or for a few hours.) In the morning, it will be ready to take and drink all day.

You could start with just one teaspoonful dissolved in water, to gauge your reaction, then increase. If you have any uncomfortable reactions, decrease the amount to half a teaspoon for several days before increasing to twice a day, then to one whole teaspoon. Choose an amount comfortable because you may experience a detox reaction to get through.

Sulfur, like Vitamin C is not stored in the body. It is a water-soluble nutrient, and it must be replenished daily. It leaves the body after about 12 hours. You can increase the amount gradually to up to per 1 teaspoon per 100 lbs body weight twice a day.

Some try taking up to a Tablespoon twice a day to saturate tissues and get cleansing done rapidly. After a month or so at the higher amount, we recommend you reduce back down to 1 teaspoon per 100 lbs of body weight twice a day.

Acerola Cherry Powder- Unsweetened, but tastes fruity, slightly tart. Mix one half to one teaspoon  into juice, smoothie, yogurt, applesauce or water. Great for everyone, including kids and seniors!

At 495 mg per one teaspoon serving, that's 550% of your daily recommended intake! Very absorbable, with all the natural co-factors. 


Vitamin C should be taken to bowel tolerance. If you get loose stools, that is too much vitamin C, so reduce intake of Acerola Cherry. 

Sulfur can cause a detox reaction. In this cause lower the amount taken for a slower detox. Some people on the other hand, take more for a time to speed up the detox and get it over with. If taking larger amounts, eventually after a couple of months a lower a mount can be taken for maintenance.


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