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Miracle II Neutralizer Gel
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Odorless, colorless and tasteless. Fast-drying and non-sticky. Formulated to neutralize acids from external or internal sources. No harsh chemical ingredients.

Miracle II Neutralizer Gel is exceptionally effective for skin repair. Perfect for care of sensitive skin. Will give a fresh energizing glow of radiant health to your complexion.

Available in a 8 oz. bottle and 22 oz. bottle.

Success Stories

These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. Individual results taking herbal preparations vary, and similar results are not guaranteed. This information is for educational purposes only and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Consult with your health practitioner if you have a health problem before using this or any dietary or herbal supplement.

I tried both the Miracle II Neutralizer Gel and Silver Water First Aid Gel when I had a sunburn. They definitely take the heat and burning out of the skin! Both did the same on my sunburned legs, and this stuff works. I first used Silver Water First Aid Gel on my back which made the redness go away right away. It handled the sting and heat on my skin. I took a warm rag and rubbed off the peeling skin right away. It was amazing! Usually I have to sit there and peel it off for days or weeks, but it all rubbed off right away after 3 days. Great!
~ Jessica, FL


I have a private studio that I give facials in and I love using the Miracle II Neutralizer Gel as a conductor instead of the normal ultrasound gel since it is a better moisturizer and there are fewer chemicals in it. I think that it leaves the skin looking and feeling better.
~ A. L. Clearwater, Fl

Miracle II Gel, Lotion and Soap

It is a natural face lift. You can combine the Neutralizer Gel with the Skin Moisturizer Lotion. The moisture from the lotion does not hinder the tightening of the skin. The Neutralizer Gel works alone too. If I put a lot around my mouth at night, I have no wrinkles around it in the morning. It fills the wrinkles out.

The Neutralizer Gel is also a pain reliever to take care of stings and insect bites.

I have been using it for 8 years... I used both the Neutralizer Gel and the Miracle II Soap and I feel it contributed to my well-being… It is so alkalizing.

I have used the Neutralizer and Soap to clean my carpets. 100% of the time there is no smell or stains left in the carpet. The chemicals the carpet cleaners have in them make me sick. Just soap and liquid neutralizer in the carpet cleaner works great.
~ B. R., Clearwater, Fl

I use for basically anything, any type of bodily concern that you could do something topically for. ~ J.G. Bellair Bluffs, FL


Ingredients: Electrically Engineered/Oxygenated Water, Calcium, Potassium, Magnesium, Ash of Coconut Shell Solution in a base of biodegradable gel.

Suggested Use

A great soother for sunburn!

Use as after shaving and for skin eruptions. It also helps protect your skin from mosquito bites.

Also soothes sore muscles and irritated tissues. The body's own ability to restore and repair itself can occur better when the stress of irritation is removed.

Miracle II Neutralizer Gel can serve as a healthy carrier for essential oil applications.


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