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Proteolytic Enzymes/Systemic Enzymes

for Clean Healthy Blood Flow, Lung and Sinus Support, Ease in Normal Function

The body makes and breaks down numerous different proteins in normal metabolism - to produce cellular energy, to buld and repair cells,  to carry out normal body functions, including protection of cells. For this, it uses proteolytic (or protein-dissolving) enzymes, which are also called  systemic enzymes. Various proteins need to be broken down so that they do not accumulate in excess, but allow the body to function normally. 

One of these proteins is fibrin which helps creates blood clots in a normal response to bleeding or damage to tissues. An important function of the proteolytic enzymes is to break down excess fibrin in the circulatory system. This cleans the blood and helps bring nutrient - and oxygen-rich blood to nourish cells, and allows removal of normal metabolic waste as well as substances produced by inflammation.

There are other proteins that require enzymes to keep cleaned up and in proper balance, such as from cells normally dying and being replaced. Also foreign proteins may enter the bloodstream through a leaky gut, breathing in or infections. Mucus can thicken without the proper systemic enzymes to keep it in balance. Proteolytic enzymes produced in the immune system are used to try to break down foreign proteins. Likewise, proteolytic enzymes are needed to clean out large immune-complex proteins that form and may accumulate when immune cells attack and overcome invaders.

These systemic enzymes are not the digestive enzymes which break down the foods we eat. Proteolytic enzymes are active in many normal body functions, including the immune system where they help the body maintain a normal inflammatory response. 

Taken on an empty stomach, proteolytic enzymes from supplements pass through the stomach or intestinal lining and enter the bloodstream and then circulate throughout the body, hence the name "systemic enzymes". These systemic enzymes can help support a clean, well-functioning, healthy body. 

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Nattovena - Pure Nattokinase (90 Capsules)
Nattovena - Pure Nattokinase (90 Capsules)
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Neprinol AFD (90 capsules)
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Nattovena - Pure Nattokinase (30 Capsules)
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Fibrovera AHS 90 capsules
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