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Cleanse & detoxify to leave your body as pure as a natural waterfall

Cleanse and Detoxify
with Natural Herbal Cleanses

The first element of the Health Puzzle is accumulating toxicity in the body. It can cause a lack of energy, sluggish responses (both thinking and functioning) and an inability to recuperate easily. Your body should be able to withstand some hard work or some trying circumstances, without pulling you off your game or into the hospital.

The solution? Detoxifying and cleansing your whole body, one organ system at a time.

Liver, colon, kidneys and so on where to start?

That is somewhat flexible you can target problem areas and focus on their cleansing with some benefit.

Or you can cleanse in the classic order for a gradual step-by-step Whole Body Cleanse:

Intestinal/Colon (start here unless you have cleansed before recently and already move your bowels daily) ~ Liver&Gallbladder ~ Kidneys&Bladder ~ Blood&Lymph

  • Cleanse & Detoxify Kits
  • Intestinal/Colon Cleansing
  • Liver/Blood Cleansing
  • ParaCleanse
  • Kidney & Urinary Tract Cleansing
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    10 Day Liver & Intestinal Cleanse Kit
    10 Day Liver & Intestinal Cleanse Kit
    SKU: 100
    Price: $146.97

    Whole Body ParaCleanse Kit
    Whole Body ParaCleanse Kit
    SKU: 494
    Price: $398.90

    Skin Brush & Shower Kit: Miracle II Soap & Tampico Skin Brush
    Skin Brush & Shower Kit: Miracle II Soap & Tampico Skin Brush
    SKU: PACKAGES:Skin Brush Package
    Price: $26.95 $24.80

    SKU: SB KITS:Para Duo
    Price: $35.00 $34.65

    Syntol AMD
    Syntol AMD
    SKU: SUPPLEMENTS.:AA Syntol 180
    Price: $69.99

    Syntol AMD - 360 Capsules
    Syntol AMD - 360 Capsules
    SKU: SUPPLEMENTS.:AA Syntol - 360 Caps
    Price: $132.49 $129.99

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