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The Differences between the Three Intestinal Cleanses.

Intestinal Cleanse 1 provides a different cleansing action than Intestinal 2. They can each be effective for different people, or for the same person under different circumstances. Intestinal Cleanse 3 is a little like both, but has its own unique, gentle action.

label-intestinal-cleanse-1.jpgIntestinal Cleanse 1 works very well for people who tend to have a "lazy" bowel, meaning intestinal muscles are lax due to various causes, including overeating which can overstretch the intestinal muscles, a sedentary lifestyle, or the habit of waiting too long to use the bathroom, low thyroid function, some medications like pain relievers ... or other health issue.

Bowel movements also depend upon the presence of healthy gut bacteria, so when these have been disturbed by antibiotics, chlorinated water, chemicals in processed foods or exposure to mold, regularity can be disrupted.

Many times lifestyle and health issues can be remedied. Intestinal Cleanse 1 can exercise the bowel muscles while these remedies are put in place. Then it may be decreased, and eventually no longer needed.

Intestinal Cleanse 1 is perfect for someone making lifestyle changes who needs a fresh start in their internal environment. Clearing out an overwhelmed intestinal tract can help, and can make one feel so much better! Many people do periodic cleansing a few times a year.

Another use for Intestinal Cleanse 1 is to occasionally clear things out when something unusual has been eaten that has gummed up the works. A couple of days of using Intestinal Cleanse 1 can relieve this.

The herbs in Intestinal Cleanse 1 are somewhat cumulative in effect, so when starting it can take a day or two to get into the system. It may work on one capsule the second time it is taken. If not, it can be increased daily by one capsule until the desired effect is seen.

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IC2-powder-label-2.jpg"Intestinal Cleanse 2 detoxifies the gastrointestinal tract, attracting and binding irritating and toxic substances so they can be removed.
While Intestinal Cleanse 1 provides stimulation to get the bowel muscles moving, Intestinal Cleanse 2 provides absorbent fiber and bulk. This bulk fiber may help trigger bowel movements.

IC2-capsules-label- herbs.jpg People who eat only a small amount of fresh fibrous plant foods in their diet may lack enough fiber necessary for good elimination. When wastes do not move out quickly enough, too much water can be reabsorbed in the colon resulting in hard and dry stools. Intestinal Cleanse 2 contains several kinds of fiber, which when taken in small to moderate amounts daily, can help make it easier to move wastes along.

There are mucilagenous (gelling) herbs that tend to produce soothing bulky, formed stools that move easily. Intestinal Cleanse 2 also contains relaxing and soothing herbs which release tense, tight colon muscles, another possible reason for inhibited bowel movements.

Fiber ingredients in Intestinal Cleanse 2 make excellent food for probiotic bacteria which promote maintenance of healthy gut tissues.

Water is absorbed by the fiber, clay and other ingredients also, so plenty of liquids and high-water content foods are needed to round out the diet. When larger amounts of Intestinal Cleanse 2 are taken, 4-6 capsules at a time, more liquids will be absorbed from the intestinal tract, which can result in slower-moving bulky stools. This is a benefit when stools have been too loose. So paradoxically, Intestinal Cleanse 2 may either increase or decrease bowel movements, or may not affect them. Its main function is to absorb and remove substances that are causing toxicity.

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For some people this fiber and mucilage is not enough to trigger bowel movements, and Intestinal Cleanse 2 may slow down the bowels. For those who need stimulus to the intestinal nerves to start peristalsis (contractions of the intestinal muscles), Intestinal Cleanse 1 may be a better choice, or may be added.

Intestinal 1 and 2 may be used together, because Intestinal Cleanse 1 can keep the bowels moving while Intestinal Cleanse 2 scrubs the intestinal walls and binds irritants and unwanted materials. Taking 3 or more Intestinal Cleanse 2 capsules at a time may require some Intestinal Cleanse 1 to move out the accumulated toxic materials rapidly. Our Intestinal Duo Cleanse, and 10 Day or longer Cleanse Program Kits use both Intestinal Cleanse 1 and 2.

label-intestinal-cleanse-3.jpg Intestinal Cleanse 3 is a liquid, tasty and easy to take for children, pets and seniors, or anyone who does not like capsules. It contains both mucilaginous fiber from fig syrup (unsweetened), and a tiny amount of herbs that promote peristalsis (a small fraction of what is in Intestinal Cleanse 1). This combination promotes bowel movements in ways similar to both Intestinal Cleanse 1 and 2, but it is gentler.

Its unique softening, hydrating action makes Intestinal Cleanse 3 particularly good for those whose stools are hard and dry. This includes the elderly who are often dehydrated, and babies whose diets often include new foods or stresses they react to.

Over a period of several days of taking this liquid, hard stools and unusually narrowed stools may loosen up to be eliminated, and a normal volume of stools resume.

Cats and dogs may also suffer from slow, dry hard stools, and can benefit from Intestinal Cleanse 3, too.

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