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Gentle Intestinal Cleanse 3 - A Kind Solution

Bowel Cleansing When Needed Can Make a Huge Difference for Children, Seniors, and Pets

Everyone needs to poop!

What we absorb during digestion from our small intestine affects the health and nutrition of all the cells of our body. On the other hand, what is eliminated through the colon, and doesn't get absorbed back into our bloodstream, is also important to living a long, healthy life.

You'd think that the barrier between the large intestine (colon) and the rest of the body wouldn't allow any toxic wastes to be reabsorbed back into the bloodstream. Yet, this isn't the case. Minerals and water must still be absorbed from the colon, so too toxic substances the body was trying to eliminate can be absorbed again if wastes do not move out daily or even get dry and form impacted masses in the colon. For some this means reabsorption of toxic wastes all week long!

This can happen to the young, whose bodies are just learning to handle foods, or to the seniors whose systems are tired from all they have handled in a lifetime.

Our Standard American Diet (S.A.D.), full of empty processed foods like white flour, sugar and loads of chemicals. When you were in first grade, did you make a paste from white flour and water to glue your art projects together? Let's take a look at that again - white flour and water make paste. Do remeber eating it then? By the time you reach 50 or 60 eating that kind of food reacts like a lot of glue in the system.

Another thing you may not know but could affect you at any age is that certain medications and painkillers can and do cause temporary constipation. One of the effects of anesthetics and painkillers is a slowing down of normal flows of fluids and electrical impulses in the body. That means, they slow things down in the bowel as well.

In other scenarios: You might have had antibiotics which can affect the gut microbiome, which disturbs bowel movements. If you aren't feeling well, digestion and elimination can be affected. If you have eaten poorly and your intestinal environment is altered, it may be difficult to keep your bowels moving for a couple of days. It's best to be proactive with this situation and not let fecal wastes sit too long hardening in your colon. That just asks for trouble sooner or later.

So best to be prepared with a spoonful of Gentle Intestinal Cleanser 3.

What is Gentle Intestinal Cleanse 3?

This liquid cleansing formula is used for infants, children, the elderly or pets, or anyone who does not like taking capsules or needs a gentler cleanse. It is a much milder version of Intestinal Cleanse 1, and is made in a very delicious base of organic California Fig Concentrate. In addition, very small and gentle amounts of herbs are included.

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Now let me tell you a touching story about an adorable little girl who is my niece.

When my niece was not even in kindergarten, she was already having horrible bouts of of backed up bowels. Days would go by without a bowel movement. Finally, after many times of going through so much pain trying to "go," she eventually dreaded trying to have a movement at all! I mean, she would hold it longer to avoid the agony. How sad, huh?

Even worse, her brother, again when very young, had similar problems, but so bad he was taken to the doctor for it, and once to the emergency room! Now, that's about as bad as it gets.

My sister is a very caring, nurturing mother. But she did not realize what can and should be done to prevent and manage this at home. Finally she did, however, learn about the importance of fiber in the diet, and that is how she brought things under better control for her children.

In fact, put the daily bowel movement on your checklist, right up there with eating breakfast and brushing teeth. It's that vital. And the child will grow up with good habits that will last throughout their lifetime.

Mrs. L. was relieved when she discovered Intestinal Cleanse 3 for her daughter who started having sluggish bowels. It was so pleasant tasting, her daughter started asking her for it when she felt like she was "backed up." Best of all, the formula caused no diarrhea or discomfort of any kind.

For children, I would not hesitate to give them Gentle Intestinal Cleanse 3 when an emotional disruption or a bad reaction to a meal results in a missed bowel movement. As a tasty liquid food with a little herbs, it is simple to swallow. It goes to work softening, dissolving and moving, and produces a result usually in about 6 hours. Completely reliable, no worries to rush to a bathroom with a violent elimination. It's very gentle, perfect for children, even young ones. In fact, it's so mild, you can even give it to your pets!

I had a friend who had a hernia operation. Coming out of that, he was unaware of the situation that would be caused by the anesthesia and painkillers. He would later say that the pain from being unable to move his bowels was much worse than any pain from the surgery! I was helping him with his recovery, and the next day I heard him scream behind the bathroom door as he tried to have a bowel movement. Not lovely! These are things the doctors may not explain or prepare you for. Anyone you know going into surgery? Do them a big favor and suggest they prepare and have something at the ready to help.

Ease of Use with Gentle Intestinal Cleanse 3

The beauty of Gentle Intestinal Cleanse 3, for both youngsters and our elderly citizens, is they can swallow it easily, unlike trying to get them to swallow pills. As you may have experienced when caring for either children or elders, they have a hard time swallowing a pill, regardless of its size.

You may order our Gentle Intestinal Cleanse 3 on our website. Also see other Cleanse products for adults.


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