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Nutritional Stages of the Incurables Rescue Program

A person doing the Intestinal Cleanse Program for the first time does the Intestinal Cleanse Diet. This diet is basically 85% fresh raw fruits and vegetables and freshly squeezed juices, plus 15% lightly cooked vegetables. The reason why the percentage is not 100% raw is because nearly all people coming from the Standard American Diet (SAD), or a cooked food vegetarian diet cannot transition "Cold Turkey" onto a raw foods diet, without being overwhelmed by cravings. Yes, it is much more effective and faster to create tremendous health with a 100% raw food diet, but if it is too difficult, the 15% cooked veggie portion makes it doable for nearly all. You will also find the detox reactions are lessened by eating 15% cooked food. A variation on this theme is found on Dr. Christophers Mucusless Diet.

The next gradient of diet on the Incurables Rescue Program is described in both the Kidney Cleanse Program and the Liver Cleanse Program. Here there is some use of raw fruits and vegetables in whole form, including salads, on the first day and the 7th day of the program. Days 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 are strictly freshly squeezed fruit or vegetable juices and Vital Nutrition Plus - as much as you need to drink in order to satisfy hunger. There is a variation using a mixture of olive oil and chopped up garlic and Vital Nutrition Plus in order to get through the juice flush days if needed as a last resort. Here is the deal - if your health is drastically bad and time is of the essence, do not use the olive oil pesto idea, especially while doing your liver cleanse. It may slow up the progress too much. In any event, there is no cooked food taken while doing kidney or liver cleanses.

The fastest, most direct and no-nonsense way to do the nutritional part of this program is to eat solid food as directed in day 1 and day 7 of the Kidney Cleanse and juice fast only for days 2-6. When done with the Kidney Cleanse, go immediately onto the Liver Cleanse (at least within three days). Alternate the Kidney Cleanse and Liver Cleanse, then Kidney, Liver again, all the while following the same nutritional diet for each until all of the following results are obtained, minimally:

1. No cravings for meat, high fat foods, sugar, processed foods of any kind for at least two weeks straight
2. No symptoms of less-than-optimum health
3. You know without any doubt that your degree of health and depth of well-being physically is better now than ever before.

Use of the cleanses alternately may be needed for two months, 6 months or longer depending on the severity of your condition. A break from the cleanses may be a good idea one week out of every seven weeks, but do not got back to the processed, cooked-to-death, etc., food program while on the one week break. The nutritional part involving fresh raw fruits and vegetables and freshly squeezed juices should go on as a mainstay of your diet for the break period and one can include moderate amounts of cooked food as described in the Diet for Intensive Healing and Dr. Christopher's Mucusless Diet.

Note: A major cleanse program can be a big shock to some people who have been accumulating toxins and lacking adequate real nutrition for years and years. If this is the case, it will become obvious within the first five days. Such people get knocked flat on their butts by doing the cleanse program - feel terrible all day long and can hardly function. These people need to back off from the full cleanse and approach it by starting off with iFlora - 6 capsules, twice a day, if tolerable - the Diet for Intensive Healing, strictly followed for several weeks or more - then the colon cleanse program for at least two weeks. When all three of these are in place at the same time for three or more consecutive weeks and the person is no longer experiencing uncomfortable detoxification responses, the first steps of the Kidney Cleanse< may be started.

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