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Organic Sulfur Crystals - Minimally processed MSM for Cellular Cleansing
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A Superior Form of MSM

Organic Sulfur is another name for MSM (methylsulfonylmethane), an organic form of sulfur found in all living organisms, plant and animal. It is biologically active, able to be used by the body for building proteins like collagen (forming skin, cartilage, muscle and joints), glutathione (a cellular antioxidant which helps the liver and cells detoxify), and many enzymes made by the body. It is a vital element for all life on earth.

Our minimally processed MSM, made in America with no additives, works better than MSM which has been ground down to small power or packed into capsules. Most processed MSM has anti-caking agents, and possibly other flow agents used in machines which then combine with the MSM molecule rendering it much less effective. Instead, MSM crystals which are not so processed provide maximum sulfur to combine with the toxic substances and wastes inside the body rendering them harmless as they are eliminated.

After having researched this, we cannot any longer recommend MSM in capsules or fine ground crystals as these do not get the results we've all heard of and would like to see from MSM. The results are much too mild compared to what is possible in terms of energy and health. This minimally processed Organic Sulfur has the largest crystal size of any available on the market. So it is better soluble, and more absorbable, giving you the maximum effect at the lowest dosages. Get more benefits using less, and ultimately spend less.

Sulfur is required to regenerate our cells. Otherwise, when sulfur is lacking, then our cells deteriorate and age. This is very visible in the hair, nails and skin, but a deficiency of sulfur is deeply felt in cells and tissues throughout the body.

Sulfur is the simplest of three elements able to carry oxygen into the cells where it is used in the mitochondria to release energy from nutrients. Additionally, the body uses sulfur to make proteins: amino acids, enzymes, hormones, and connective tissue.

How Does Organic Sulfur Do Its Job?

Cell walls regain their permeable state when there is sufficient organic sulfur available, allowing oxygen and nutrients to pass through into the cells, and cellular wastes to pass out.

When there isn't enough oxygen available in the cells, energy is formed by an anaerobic (without oxygen) process which is less efficient and energy becomes low.

As oxygen is pushed into the cells, the waste garbage is pushed out - including metabolic by-products, chemical pollutants that have been stored, metal and drug residues. The sulfur reacts with these elements and neutralize them and carries them safely out of the body through lymph and urine. This is true natural cleansing at a cellular level!

When these toxic substances are flushed out of the body, it can function at a higher level. Scars dissolve over time as cells are replaced, and proper function is restored in the body. It is truly a miracle!

Sulfur helps protects the body from free radical damage.

Why are We Missing Essential Sulfur?

Unfortunately, organic sulfur is missing from our foods now, leaving our bodies malnourished and prone to be congested with toxic wastes, damaged by free radicals and often in pain. This, of course, creates a failure to function as well as we need to in life.

In the days before petro-chemical fertilizers, farmers added animal manure to fields, naturally enriching the soil with high levels of sulfur for crops. Also, sulfur was normally present even in unfertilized soils, available as part of the natural sulfur cycle, moving from volcanic gas in the ocean, then released into the air, finally to fall in rainwater into the soil.

Since 1954 chemical fertilizers have been used by farmers that combines with the sulfur naturally present and removes it from availability for plants or humans. Even when these fertilizers contain sulfides, they lack bioavailability and we are starving for energy. We appear to have broken the Sulfur cycle in countries that use chemical fertilizers.

As Mike Adams of said so well, "Today, the industrialized farming and transportation methods employed by the large agri-giants that grow most of our food have virtually eliminated necessary organic sulfur from not only the soil, but from food itself. And what little sulfur is left in food gets eliminated through processing, refrigeration, dehydration and cooking."

High-quality, minimally processed organic sulfur, in the form of MSM, or methylsulfonylmethane, can reverse this deficiency and give you what your cells are missing and craving.

We searched for the best Organic Sulfur and now have Organic Sulfur Crystals for you that:

    • 99.9% pure premium. Third party lab certified for purity and quality

    • are hand-packed (less machines is better for you)

    • has NO fillers or anti-caking agents which can destroy effectiveness

    • are not ground-up (grinding destroys molecular structure)

    • are the largest granular crystal size available, the least processed

    • are distilled (vs crystallized) to actually remove impurities

    • are made in America from quality American DMSO

Success Stories

Wow, I got instant energy the first time I took this and it has just gotten better and better! I have been taking Organic Sulfur Crystals for almost a month now. I feel great! My back doesn't ache when I wake up in the morning. I have much more attention for my work and life, less on body problems. I lost 3 pounds even though I ate rich food, cake and ice cream one day at a family birthday party (usually I am gluten-free and low sugars). I am starting to feel like I did when I was 10 years younger. I don't want to be without it! ~ DR, Florida

I am a bit embarrassed to say that, a few weekends ago, I had a bit too much to drink. I woke up the next morning not feeling so great. It wasn't any sort of full-blown college-party-type after-effect, but I certainly knew my headache and overall blah feeling was a result of my overindulgence. It suddenly occurred to me that sulfur is known for cleaning toxins and wastes out of our cells and letting hydration and oxygen in. So, I went and made a glass of water with sulfur and about 20 minutes after I finished it, my headache was gone and I was no longer feeling like I just wanted to crawl back into bed and stay there all day. I was motivated, awake and refreshed. - T.A., FL

MSM is a really good general anti-inflammatory. I use it daily. MSM helps relieve the Trigeminal neuralgia I've had for a long time. This disease is called the "suicide disease" because so many people have so much pain for so long that they off themselves. The only medical treatments for this involve either dangerous surgery, cutting the nerve which would leave me with a slack jaw, or psychiatric drugs. Neither one will I use.

So I am using MSM, and magnesium and lysine (an amino acid which is anti-microbial) supplements, which handles 90% of the pain, safely. Before I would have intense pain through the day, but now I have a handle on it and can function. You have a better price than other stores so I can use all the MSM I need. - K.J.

I have used sulfur for several reasons but one benefit of it that I really love is its energizing effect. I have a very sedentary lifestyle because I sit at a desk for work and, because I am a student, I sit a lot at home while I work on homework. Like many in the workforce, I have noticed that often between 2pm and 4pm, I will get an energy crash and I feel unmotivated and just want to take a nap. That is the time I love to drink a glass of water with sulfur in it. I have also noticed when I sit for long periods of time, I tend to have more shallow breathing and my body, lungs and brain are not getting the oxygen they need to be energetic and on top of things. I first decided to try sulfur for this because I knew one of the actions of sulfur is to oxygenates the cells in our body and cleans out toxins and wastes. Every time I experience this lack of energy, I drink the water with sulfur in it and shortly thereafter, I feel much more awake, motivated, energized and even in a better, more cheerful mood. - T.A., FL

I have been clogged up for years my Dr. has prescribed all kinds of nasal sprays with none of them really clearing me out. So I stopped taking them. I ordered the Ultra Pure MSM so I could use it as a nasal spray. I mixed about 4 oz. of water with a 2 teaspoon of MSM and let it dissolve. I started gradually with one spray three times a day and worked up to three sprays three times a day. I can feel relieve, I am clear and can breath much better. I use a sleep apnea machine at night and the MSM spray has helped me breath easier with that too. - LK, Oakland, CA

When I take it at night sleep seems to be deeper. I'm starting to notice skin changes. I'm primarily taking it as an adjunct to collagen supplements. It helps the body continue the matrix of collagen formation. I've read about how much is depleted from the ground. I do get sulfur from foods I eat, but am adding this to support the collagen use. - G. E. A., Largo, FL June 6, 2016

Since I have been using it my hair seems a lot stronger and stronger. My nails don't break like they used to. Even my girlfriends see a difference. We meet once a week and they have told me my hair looks great. I attribute it to the sulfur. It gets better all the time. My nails look so much better, they were paper thin and used to break like crazy, and since I have been taking the sulfur I see a tremendous improvement. - L.D. Brooklyn, NY (results are after taking it for 3 months)

These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. These stories are from customer whose individual results vary. This information is for educational purposes only and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Consult with your health practitioner if you have a health problem.

Suggested Use

The amount most people find useful is 1 to 1.5 teaspoons per 100 lbs of body weight twice per day dissolved into warm or hot water. You may also eat the whole crystals raw. Each teaspoon is 4 grams.

So a 100 lb person would take 1 to 1.5 teaspoon first thing in the morning on an empty stomach and then again 2 hours after lunch on an empty stomach another 1 to 1.5 teaspoon.
A 200 lb person would take 3 teaspoons also equal to 1 Tablespoon twice daily.

Ways to dissolve the sulfur in water:

Stir into a glass of hot water to dissolve fast.

The easiest way - Dissolve your sulfur in room temperature water overnight.
Put two spoonfuls into a liter-size glass water bottle filled with pure water, shake a couple of times, and let it sit overnight or all the day, and it will dissolve over time without heating. You can fill it at night and have it ready to drink in the morning! As soon as you finish one water bottle, fill your water bottle again and add more sulfur and let it sit the rest of the day until you are ready to drink it again.

Do not take with tap water because chlorine deactivates the sulfur (combines with it so it is not available to the body).

We recommend you use a glass bottle if you are going to soak the sulfur overnight, so that it doesn't combine with any plastic. This is a highly reactive sulfur that you want detoxifying you!

Do not take organic sulfur MSM at the same time as any supplement capsules (or any medications) because the chemicals used in processing and packaging will also combine with the sulfur rendering it less beneficial.

In fact, sulfur readily combines with toxic substances and cellular wastes once it is in your bloodstream and tissue to render them harmless and able to be carried out of the body. So don't take your MSM with other things it might combine with before your body can absorb it!

It is preferable to take Organic Sulfur on an empty stomach, so nothing interferes with its full, fast utilization in the body. You can take it with food or juice, but some of it will combine with the food for less effective action. There is NO toxicity to pure organic sulfur crystals.

Once you feel the benefits, you can more easily put up with the slightly bitter taste. Some busy people even eat it straight, chewing a spoonful of sulfur crystals and drinking plenty of pure water afterwards.

Drink LOTS of water daily - drink the number of ounces of water that equal to 1/2 your body weight in lbs.

Why so much water? The sulfur itself does not heal. It provides needed oxygen inside the cells where it is needed. It is the oxygen that sulfur transports which promotes both energy and cellular cleansing of wastes.

Have you heard that you should drink far more water a day than you do - but find you can't really drink that much comfortably? When your body has sufficient sulfur, you can feel more energy after just drinking water because the body has what it needs to use it. It becomes easier to drink water and become well-hydrated. Organic sulfur crystals, again, were the missing link.

If a person gets a detox reaction, such as a headache, don't stop taking the sulfur. Take more - and drink more water. This might happen when you supply some sulfur and the body starts to dump toxins from the cells, but you don't have enough sulfur and water to remove as much as the body is eager to.

Some even take a teaspoon under the tongue every 10 minutes when experiencing pain until swollen cells release their toxins and the pain disappears.

Other uses for MSM:

Organic sulfur crystals can also be mixed into water or aloe gel to apply topically to nourish your cells through the skin.

The sulfur crystals are a perfect texture to brush your teeth with as well, bringing oxygen to the gums.

Note: The body utilizes sulfur with Vitamin C to produce collagen and in other functions, so especially when taking higher amounts of organic sulfur, optimum results are obtained when you also take a good amount of natural Vitamin C daily.

More Info

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