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Parasite Cleanse Duo
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Why You Need It

Our Parasite Duo consists of two methods to attack and handle a parasite infestation.

Diatomaceous Earth, Food grade, will mechanically shred the out layer of the worms and strip the lipids from them to destroy them by drying them out. This is an extremely effective, simple and inexpensive method of directly attacking parasites.

Anti-Parasite Concentrate contains herbs to destroy parasites and their eggs, and expel them. This includes the classic trio of inner (green) Black Walnut hulls, Cloves and Wormwood plus additional ingredients to support parasite removal.

This Parasite Duo includes 1 lb. of food grade Diatomaceous Earth and one 2 oz. bottle of Anti-Parasite Concentrate.


Anti-Parasite Concentrate -
Ingredients (*Organic, +Wildcrafted): Black Walnut hull+, Clove Bud*, Garlic bulb*, Fennel seed*, Gentian root+, Wormwood leaf*, Peppermint leaf*, Hyssop leaf*, Thyme leaf* and Sage leaf* in a base of distilled water and certified organic GMO-free alcohol.

Diatomaceous Earth, Food grade, 1 lb.
Made from the purified fossilized remains of tiny, aquatic organisms called diatoms. Their skeletons are made of a natural substance called silica. The FDA rates diatomaceous earth as GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe).

Contains no sugar, no GMOs and no fillers.

Suggested Use

Take 1 to 3 level teaspoons of Diatomaceous Earth stirred into a glass of water twice a day on an empty stomach.

Start with 1 dropperful of Anti-Parasite Concentrate twice a day, at least 10 minutes before taking any food. The herbs start to work when absorbed in the mouth under the tongue.

It can be taken directly under the tongue for fastest effect absorbing directly into your bloodstream. Or mix it into 2 oz. of water and hold in mouth under tongue before swallowing.

Work up to 2 droppersful of Anti-Parasite Concentrate 3 times a day. Use the whole bottle.

See our video on the best ways to take herbal tinctures.

NOTE:This Duo works well when you don't have any problem moving your bowels naturally at least once a day. You do NOT want to be killing parasites and not move it all out! Parasites carry many eggs inside them and they harbor viruses and bacteria too. You don't want experience bad die-off reactions or re-infestation when their own toxins, the dead debris and possible micro-organisms sit in your system. It should be moved out daily!

If your bowels are sluggish and you do not move them daily, we highly recommend you first get your bowels open and moving with Intestinal Cleanse 1, and continue that throughout parasite cleansing.

Or better yet, do our Parasite-Intestinal 6 Week Cleanse to clear out accumulation in the bowels while removing the parasites. You will feel so much better and probably experience improvement in daily bowel habits that continues after your cleanse!


Avoid breathing in the dust of Diatomaceous Earth as it can irritate the Store and use the nasal passages and lungs. Avoid getting it in eyes. Store it in a closed container so the dust won't escape into the air easily.


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