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Lymph System Stimulation and Circulation

The third leg of natural healing involves a number of techniques to get things moving. The first two legs, proper nutrition and detoxification, actually cannot work at all without some motion and will not produce miraculous results unless there is tremendous movement created.

The simplest, most obvious and in many ways, greatest way to stimulate circulation and the lymph system is to exercise. Without going into much detail here, the overall idea is to sweat profusely for at least an hour each day or, better yet, for two hours if the need for gain is urgent. The best combination is strength building exercise plus aerobic exercise - each done strenuously enough to produce a good sweat.
What follows next are a number of actions that can be used to get things going in addition to exercise. For those who cannot exercise enough, these ideas can be used intensively and more frequently to supplement and/or replace an exercise regimen.


This one will never fail to get the job done on whichever part of the body it's applied to. Put 1/3 cup of cayenne powder, 1/3 cup of ginger, and 1/3 cup of ground mustard seeds all into a gallon of distilled water in a large pot, bring to a near or brief boil and let it simmer for half an hour or so. When cooled down to a temperature that is just barely tolerable, dip a towel into it. Place the saturated towel on the effected portion of the body for five minutes. Take it off and put an ice pack on the same area for five minutes. Alternate between the cayenne towel plaster and ice pack for forty five minutes to an hour. Watch the circulation really get up and go with this procedure! Available in our shop - click here.


A drawing compress for cancers would consist of 1/2 cup bentonite clay 1/4 cup poke root, 1/4 cup garlic powder and 1/4 cup red clover powder, all mixed together and saturated with bloodroot tincture to a consistency similar to thick pea soup. (If bloodroot tincture is not available, use apple cider vinegar.) Smear on a 1/4 inch thick layer all over the area and cover with an ace bandage so as to keep it in place. These applications should stay on for eight hours or so before being changed. This particular recipe can be used to great effect for many other forms of infection. Check out the other Poultices available in our shop.

Another poultice uses slippery elm powder as the base with distilled water as the wetting agent. Slippery elm makes a very gooey, sticky preparation and generally is not as strong an absorber of poisons and toxins as bentonite clay. But it does a fair job as a detoxifier while excelling as a healing component. You should add other herbs in order to address specific conditions. For instance: infection or poisonous bite and sting: powdered plantain or, better yet, fresh, shredded plantain leaves mixed in about 50/50 with the slippery elm powder. Don't forget to add 1/2 ounce to 1 ounce of cayenne powder, so as to stimulate the blood flow to the area and enhance healing. Goldenseal can also be used for infection as well as garlic powder. Comfrey and aloe vera are great to promote healing. Do your own research and make poultices according to what is exactly suited to improve your condition.


Massage the whole body each day to ensure that the lymph is getting moved along. Deep foot reflexology can make you feel much better as well. Be sure to put special attention on the parts that are sick. You must be willing to be in full communication with the afflicted parts of your body in order to bring about a natural healing. Castor oil should be used in the massages, alternating with Muscle & Joint Repair Oil 2x.

Skin Brushing

Use a natural bristle brush available in health food stores and scrub yourself hard with the dry brush all over your body each day just before your hot and cold showers. This you have to experience to believe! A vigorous dry brush scrubbing over every part of the body, spending a little time on each and every part to scrub thoroughly, followed by an intense hot and cold shower will make a new person out of anyone.

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