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Incurables Program

Overview and Initial Steps

The Incurables Program is so effective that we am still surprised when very seriously ill people "get better" improving the quality of their lives after only doing the first three cleanse portions of the program. Some of these people then abandon doing the rest of the program in favor of "carrying on with their lives." Now that they feel so much better, they can see carrying on with life's functions as they had prior to their health catastrophe. I can understand their position, as I'm sure I would feel the same way if I found myself in their shoes. However, I have also observed it to be a big mistake.

You see, the program is not like a bitter tasting medicine that one takes for several weeks or months and then stops after one now sees that one's symptoms are all gone. Rather, it is a commitment to a change in the style which one lives for the rest of one's life. To go back to the old way is to sacrifice one's health again just as surely as night follows day.

Eating too much protein, high fat foods, sugar, processed foods, coffee and soft drinks and settling into a sedentary routine week after week is a sure-fire prescription for malnutrition, toxicity, poor health and premature death. The Incurables Rescue Program leads one to create health by eating major portions of live, fresh foods and vegetables, by detoxifying the body and by greatly increasing circulation. Tremendous improvement in one's physical well being is an inevitable result of doing the program correctly, intensely and thoroughly. Why? Because the program addresses the three primary physical reasons why all illness occurs in the body - poor availability of nutrition, high accumulations of toxins and weak operation of the circulatory systems in the body.

It's cause and effect every time. People get sick for neglect of these areas and they get well when intelligent changes are applied to improve the conditions in these aspects of physical well being.

For you it may be news! If so, read all these materials over well and if they make sense to you, then make a resolution to give it a full-on charge and see it through to the end. Along the way you will notice that now your quality of life seems so much better, but don't stop there. Carry on to create a very deep foundation of certainty as to what produces lasting health and wellness. Then share this knowledge with others in your life.

Let Us Begin

The Incurables Program is built on four foundational Nutrition and Herbal Cleanse Programs: Intestinal Cleanse Program, Kidney Cleanse Program, Liver Cleanse Program and Blood DeTox Program.

To get started on the Incurables Program, refer to a copy of the Intestinal Cleanse Program Instructions to learn how to use Intestinal Cleanse 1 and Intestinal Cleanse 2 each day. If this is familiar to you and you already know your correct dosage of Intestinal Cleanse 1 from having taken it to get your bowels moving, then you are ready to move on to the rest of the Intestinal Cleanse Program.

After that, your next steps will be the Liver Cleanse Program, the Kidney Cleanse Program. The diet portion of the Diet for Intense Healing must be strictly adhered to as part of the Intestinal Cleanse Program.

These programs are all available as the Total Internal Body Cleanse now, plus additional items for the Rescue Program the medicinal herbal formulas mentioned below:
Echinacea Extra Concentrate, the Blood Detox Concentrate which are not contained in the Total internal Body Cleanse Kit and extra Tonic Supreme (get the large bottle instead of or in addtion to the smaller bottle included in the Total Internal Body Cleanse)

instructions for adding these items to the Total Internal Body Cleanse:

  1. Take 2 droppersful of Echinacea Extra Concentrate and 2 tablespoons of Tonic Supreme Concentrate every two hours starting right after breakfast each day, up to bedtime. You can take each of these doses straight into the mouth or with juice, water or tea.

  2. Continue to take Echinacea Extra Concentrate each and every day for the first seven days of the program.

  3. On the eighth day switch from using Echinacea Extra Concentrate to using Blood D-Tox Concentrate - 2 droppersful every 2 hours, along with 2 tablespoons of Tonic Supreme each and every day, from day eight through and including day fourteen.

  4. On the fifteenth day, switch from using Blood D-Tox to once again using Echinacea Extra along with Tonic Supreme through the twenty-first day. Keep alternating the use of Echinacea Extra with the Blood D-tox Concentrate until the end of the Incurables Program. Consuming Echinacea Extra and the Blood D-tox Concentrate this frequently should mean that you are using more than 1 whole bottle of each per week.

  5. Note: Discontinue using Tonic Supreme Concentrate for a period of one week at the end of the sixth week on the program. This is to allow the body time to become unaccustomed to its use for one week and therefore render the tonic more effective when resuming use of it at the beginning of the eighth week. Master Herbalist, Dr. John R. Christopher, used herbs in this way to much greater effect than when used continuously without a stop over a prolonged time. The rule is six on, one off, for better effect when using herbs.

  6. After laying off Tonic Supreme for 1 week, go back to using it each day for six more weeks.

  7. Note: Time the seven day use of the Blood D-Tox Concentrate to coincide with the seven day nutritional Program and Cleanse for the Liver.

  8. Rule: Echinacea Extra while doing Kidneys, Blood D-Tox when doing Liver Cleanse.

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