What Next?

Contemplating the world, the horizon alone

The memes about the pandemic are no longer funny. They got us through the early days with a human sense of humor. Now we know there is a lot more to it – and memes now have a bite to them.

People have been suffering. Many believe the medical solutions will be the salvation of their world. Others don’t believe this, but think the the uncertainties are greater than any certainty for physical well-being.

We are questioning how we will survive and how to get along. Our cultures have been torn apart, so many livelihoods ruined, and our lives run by …whom? Do we know? Not ourselves anymore, apparently.

It is time to reevaluate life and recognize it is more than material.

You are more than a body. We are more than a business. We have always been friendly and willing to talk, and supported individuals and families who sought good health naturally.

Now it is imperative that we all communicate with each other and support our humanity itself. So many have been waiting through this time to get through and so be able to grow and contribute to their lives again. Each person has the germ of their best self, their potential waiting to manifest and be recognized. We can support that, we can find out more of who we are and who others really are. let’s have a conversation.

We are really more than physical or material. Our culture, music, and creativity come from beyond merely the physical existence. We breathe life into it, like the divine. You may know this, or you may suspect it.

We breathe life into our world.

How do we restore balance to our world? Those who seek to control this world, and to live forever through stealing the bodies and resources of our world for themselves are busy imbuing their purposes and conflicts in people. We used to have more tolerance and freedom, more give and take with our fellows. There has been an undercurrent of evil for a very long time that seems to have burst out into everyday life.

We used to be comfortable without looking too closely, now we really have to look and see and recognize. We yearn to find personal happiness for ourselves again and our families, our communities, but also we need to look wider and bigger.

There is a game of creating together a better future and our better selves. Where do you find inspiration? Who will you show kindness too? What is our better nature?

These are questions worth answering.