Simple Flax Cracker Recipe


You will mix together equal portions of sweet onions mash and separately ground flax seeds.  Salt to taste. Spread on baking sheet with parchment paper and dry in over for a couple of hours on very low heat.

You will need:

One or more flat baking sheets to go in the oven

Parchment paper from grocery store for easiest removal and clean up.


A blender or food processor to blend onions to a mash

Sweet onions, or your favorite kind of onion

Flax seeds, brown or golden, ground


Turn on oven to lowest setting about 160 degrees F

Grind about 2 cups of onions to a mash in food processor or a Vitamix (or other blender that can handle that).

Use an equal amount of ground flax seed, or grind it fresh in a clean coffee grinder or in the NutriBullet with seed grinder blade attachment.

Optional – Add a little Celtic Sea salt to taste

Mix together well. Liquid of onions will be partially absorbed by the flax seeds to make a smooth spreading mash.

Spread evenly on parchment paper on the baking sheet with a spatula about an eighth of an inch thick, or up to at most a quarter of an inch for best drying.

Place in over on low heat and dry out slowly for about four hours (time will depend on how thickly you spread the mash).  Flip after half the time. You can make some cross cut indentations in the spread for breaking easily into smaller size crackers.

Check on the progress. Mash should dry into crispy crackers that break easily.

Remove from oven and let cool. Enjoy with soup or salad!

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