Adventures in Total Internal Body Cleansing

Here at Southern Botanicals some of our crew is doing our Total Internal Body Cleanse program to get a great start to a new year.

Amina, Deb and Katie starting their cleanse
Amina, Deb and Katie at Southern Botanicals taking a break to take Intestinal Cleanse 2 as part of the Total Internal Body Cleanse program.

Over the next few weeks we’ll be sharing our trials, triumphs and tips we’ve learned along the way as we cleanse our intestines, liver, kidneys and blood using our all-natural herbal cleanse products we make here in our shop.

Sometimes even with the best of intentions it can be too challenging to keep up with a program on your own that involves making changes to your routine, even if you know you’ll get great benefits along the way.

That’s why we decided to do the complete program as a group to give each other support, reminders and accountability during those inevitable times when it’s tempting to fall off the cleansing wagon so to speak.

Join us as we share our experience in doing each part of the Total Internal Body Cleanse so you can see what it’s like in the real world and have a better chance of success when you do the program yourself.

We’ll be using #newhealthcleanse to track our posts about our cleansing adventures here at Southern Botanicals. If you’ve been thinking of doing a natural detox cleanse for the new year, you can do any part of this cleanse: intestinal, liver, kidneys, blood & lymph, or do the whole thing as we are! It’s about 5 days for each part – about 3-4 weeks total.

Just use the same hashtag #newhealthcleanse and leave your questions and comments to let us know where you would like to go in your journey to health and where you are now.  Feel free to share what you learn on your journey, your difficulties, solutions, recipes and successes.

Below is what each of us who is doing the cleanse program has to say about why we wanted to do it and the benefits we’re looking for.


Why I wanted to do the TotaDeb at the start of her cleansel Internal Body Cleanse: My cleanse is a happy start to the new year. I want to lose some weight, and rejuvenate my body cells and functions. I had a very stressful year after moving into a new house and then spending the whole year trying to survive the new electromagnetically toxic environment. I managed so far, despite pain, by relying on intense nutrition with a natural diet and clean foods. But the stress of chemical and electromagnetic pollution from cell phone towers, the new pulsing Smartmeter, and toxic substances in the air conditioning system has worn down my body.

I am usually Ms. Natural with abundant energy, but I need help now! So happy to be doing this Total Internal Body Cleanse with friends and colleagues – and sharing it with you!



Amina at the start of her cleanseWhy I wanted to do the Total Internal Body Cleanse: I wanted to address some autoimmune symptoms I’ve had for a while along with a lifetime of problems with my G.I. tract. We all know health starts with the digestive tract so I thought it was a good idea to do the Total Internal Body Cleanse starting with the Intestinal Cleanse.

I want to cleanse my G.I. tract and get out toxins while getting my body to eliminate naturally on its own. I also am looking for more energy since when my tummy is messed up, I feel tired. Finally, I’d like to be able to get more nutrients from my food instead of eating and not getting anything from it, which can happen when too much waste has built up in the intestines. So I’m hoping to see some healthy weight gain and have more energy after doing the cleanse.



Katie at the start of the cleanseWhy I wanted to do the Total Internal Body Cleanse: I’m looking for enough of a cleanse to feel like I have a fresh start physically for the new year with clearer skin and better digestion. After the holidays, I had some stubborn acne that kept coming up and some digestive issues like mild constipation and gas. I know Intestinal Cleansing in particular will help me handle it.

I’ve never done a total body cleanse before, just the kidneys and bladder, so I’m looking forward to giving my intestines, liver and blood a mild cleanse over the next month. More than anything, I’m looking for a preventative cleanse that will give me a great start to a new year and encourage me to be mindful of how I’m treating my body that will carry over through the rest of the year.

To celebrate the New Year and help you get your own fresh start, all our cleanse packages are on sale through the end of January 2015. Each cleanse package comes with everything you need to get a natural detox of that part of your body while maintaining great energy throughout.

Cheers and Happy Cleansing!

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