Are You Dumping Your Food Down the Toilet? Why You Need Good Bacteria for Healthy Digestion

So many people walk around tired and exhausted. Everything from super-caffeine drinks to taking more vitamin B-12 are tried just so they can function. Even if you eat well, there are other factors that can keep you from getting the most nutrition from your food.

A less well-known way to boost your energy is to make sure you have enough good bacteria in your system to get the most energy from your food. Here is some information that you can share with your friends and loved ones so that they can improve the quality of their lives.

Lets look at our environment: Our water is treated with a substance called chlorine which is a poison added to the water to kill all bacteria. Good bacteria work in our intestine to keep the intestine wall clean and break food down further. When we drink, bathe or swim in chlorinated water the chlorine kills off all the good bacteria in our intestines and the cleaning crew is lost.

When the good bacteria in the small intestine have been killed off, the intestines become impacted with food that the good bacteria did not get a chance to work on. The impaction is a gradual process and you may not notice it right away. As you eat more food the toxic waste from the old food in the intestine mixes with the new food and the body has to work hard to fight the toxins in the food. You become very tired as the digestive process becomes a burden to the body and requires much more energy to deal with this self-poisoning system.

How NOT to dump your food into the toilet: It is a very good idea to do intestinal cleansing using Intestinal Cleanse 1 and 2. Then replace the good bacteria with fermented foods like miso and sauerkraut or with a quality probiotic supplement such as our Southern Botanicals probiotic which is specially formulated for colon cleansing and health.

Raw fruits and vegetables contain enzymes that help digestion too. These substances help to break down the food in your stomach. One way of increasing the fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet is by juicing them. Adding a green super nutrition powder like Vital Nutrition Plus to the juice twice a day will kick your enzymes up even higher. You will see that improving your body’s ability to absorb your food improves your energy.


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