Feeling Sluggish? It May Be Your Liver!

Out of the hundreds of functions, your liver performs, ensuring toxins are safely removed from your blood is one of its most critical jobs. Your liver also breaks down or deactivates certain hormones – like insulin, estrogen and cortisol, the stress hormone – and clears them from your blood. Your liver also converts Vitamin D, which is actually considered a hormone, into a more useable form that activates the immune system, supports calcium absorption and other crucial functions.

More ways your liver helps naturally aids in many important daily functions.

If your liver is overloaded and stressed, symptoms may show up as:

  • Difficulty in concentrating (brain fog), reoccurring headaches, irritability
  • Problems with digestion including poor absorption of nutrients, bloating, and constipation
  • Difficulty losing weight, despite dieting
  • Rashes and other skin problems, including brownish spots appearing on the skin, often called “liver spots”
  • Chronic fatigue or lethargy
  • Dark circles under the eyes and low energy
  • Difficulty with blood sugar
  • Hormones being off balance including premenstrual complaints that are worse than usual

Symptoms that may be improved by a simple 5 day cleanse.

One of the key products in any liver cleanse program is a combination of specially selected herbs that encourage your body to heal damaged liver cells, strengthen your liver’s ability to provide vital functions and stimulate flushing of wastes from your liver and gallbladder. There are certain foods with a well-earned reputation for supporting and cleansing the liver. Adding any of these to your daily diet will provide extra nutritional support for this cleansing program.

Foods can be added to your diet to improve liver function.

Our Liver Cleanse flushes your liver and gallbladder of toxins, waste and excess bile so it can protect you and keep your energy levels high. It nourishes with herbs the liver loves. A great way to resist disease and bring your body back into balance is to cleanse your liver periodically and nourish it well, so you can live!

5 day Liver Cleanse Duo


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