Inspiration to start your work week…

"The miracle isn't that I finished. the miracle is that I had the courage to start." John Bingham

Our staff who work here can attest to this. We believe in miracles!

“This week my grandmother celebrated her 93rd birthday! After 5 weeks in a neck brace from cracking a bone in a fall, she is still feisty and independent, and still takes no drugs of any kind. She kept hoping for the best, and yesterday started driving again. If she can survive it all and carry on, so can we all!”

“When I look at all I’ve had to do recently, this quote is particularly apt. Since my husband is no longer working, I’ve had a steep learning curve for parts of the business I never took care of before – the finances. The uncertainties have been tough, but it is starting to settle down. I’ve become experienced and can look forward with a smile.”

“My family & I are experiencing an average of three miracles a day. Some say it is our Sainted Mother & Grandmother looking over us. Others say our rewards come from how we treat other people & in return receiving what we give to others. My daughter & son will note the stars & planet alignment. Me… I just pray it keeps up”..


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