Cayenne to the Rescue!

Cayenne to the Rescue

  • How would you like to turn off a heart attack before you get to the emergency room?
  • What about being able to keep up the romance in your bedroom without a blue pill, or any other colored pill, for that matter?
  • How would you like to make your aches and pains VANISH?

The common denominator of these situations is CIRCULATION…either having good circulation or restoring it when it needs help. There is a powerful element that does a super job in cranking up one’s circulation. That element is…

Red, Hot and Spicy…CAYENNE!!

Let’s look at a simple fact about the body. Like a machine, it uses fuel. That fuel becomes energy. The energy must circulate through the body. Our bloodstream is our energy highway. Any roadblocks are going to cut down our energy. Thus you see that circulation is a real key in the energy and well-being of the body.

With just one simple but powerful ingredient added to your day, you can have this increased circulation. And the best part is…no drugs required!

Capsaicin is the ingredient in cayenne which gives peppers their heat. Research has shown that capsaicin can raise the metabolic rate as much as 25%. In addition to stimulating circulation, it is anti-inflammatory and reduces blood platelet stickiness which helps prevent blood clotting.

As if that wasn’t enough, Capsaicin also aids digestion, stimulating digestive juices, and relieves pain when applied topically in a cream for arthritis, and muscle or nerve pain. Cayenne is hot and has a kick. That heat can kick start your circulation and your libido.My cousin who is a property appraiser in Maine uses cayenne powder in his boots in winter to prevent frostbite!

Cayenne also contains vitamins E and C and carotenoids.

So, in keeping our hearts in good health, we can look to cayenne.

True Story

Stuart, a very good friend of mine, had mild diabetes, the kind that can be improved with a good diet and exercise. He had started on a nutritional program and was really working on it. But early into that program when he was only in his forties, he had a heart attack. He went to the emergency room and had a blockage removed and a stent (tube) inserted into an artery. He went home the next day, but was then very cautious, because of course he hadn’t seen the attack coming, and he wanted to avoid another one. Suddenly, the future looked very different for him, and even a bit scary.

Right away, Stuart got in touch with Ron Radstrom here at Southern Botanicals for advice. The answer was: Start immediately taking drops of cayenne and gradually build up with  more drops everyday to strengthen his circulation. And that’s what Stuart did over the next couple of weeks. However, unfortunately one night, he felt symptoms of another heart attack coming on. But this time, he was prepared!

Stuart got his wife to run and get ready to take him to the hospital. He then immediately squirted four droppersful of Cayenne under his tongue, and a few minutes later when his wife came to get him to go to the emergency room, he was sitting on the couch with a big grin on his face. He told her the heart attack had STOPPED! All signs and symptoms vanished and never returned.

Stuart has not had a heart attack since, and that was over six years ago.

What a wonderful success story, and we still have Stuart around, our friend, and that’s a nice outcome.

Cayenne Enhances Other Herbs

We can consider CAYENNE to be a “carrier” herb. It mixes with other herbs in different formulas and causes the herbs to be absorbed better into the blood as it facilitates circulation to all parts of the body. That’s why you’ll see cayenne in many of our mixtures.  In that way, it adds more power to our herbal formulas.

How to Use Cayenne Concentrate 

Cayenne Concentrate

You will take it sublingually. With our tincture bottle, take the dropper and allow one drop to fall underneath your tongue. Hold it there for one full minute. Then swallow it. Don’t drink anything for a few minutes afterwards. You really want it to absorb and not be diluted. You can build up your tolerance and increase the number of drops each time. 

It will be hot, but not unbearable. You can do it easily enough. I’ve done it a few times and know what I’m telling you can be done. The amazing thing about cayenne is that it may be hot under your tongue, but once you swallow it, you won’t notice it in the rest of your body. It gets absorbed quite easily without burning. It has even been used successfully to help heal bleeding ulcers! It can also help strengthen your digestion, because again, it will stimulate the digestive juices in your mouth and stomach and normalize the acid. You could probably throw away your antacids altogether.

A word of advice: Do not get cayenne on your hands. If you do, wash them off thoroughly so that you don’t accidentally rub cayenne into your eyes or elsewhere that is delicate.

It is much better to take cayenne in powder or tincture form than in capsules, as your body has a better chance to prepare for it when it feels the capsaicin in the mouth. You’ll never take too much that way, and won’t get the nasty surprise of having a capsule open in your stomach to cause a reaction of trying to suddenly open up.

Also, if you ever feel you’ve taken too much cayenne at once, you can drink milk or eat butter on bread or eat something else fatty/oily to dilute it. The capsaicin is carried in an oil so disperses only in fats, rather than water.

Now, what about PAIN RELIEF? 

You will often see in pain ointments and creams the ingredient capsaicin. Often it’s listed as the first ingredient. Well known for its pain-relieving qualities, capsaicin is the healing component in cayenne. Let’s explore how it works.

In the early stages of using a capsaicin formula, it stimulates the release of Substance P. Substance P is a chemical that instructs nerves to transmit pain signals in the body. The more you use capsaicin, however, your nerves become desensitized to Substance P and the pain signals gradually decrease. Over time, your aches and pains will reduce. Apply cayenne ointment anywhere you have an injury or inflammation or other discomfort. (See recipe below). For example, it is possible to relieve pain on arthritic areas of the body and on swollen joints. The more you use it, the less pain you will have. Amen!

Other areas of use include preventing shock and to stop bleeding. It’s even been said to help with varicose veins and hemorrhoids due to its circulation-enhancing properties and strengthening of the veins.

Cayenne Blend Powder

I read a story about a woman who saved the life of a dog who had been hit by a car.  The dog was in shock and bleeding.  She was able to rub a small amount of cayenne powder on the dog’s tongue. After a few times doing this, the dog came out of shock and staggered to its feet. The woman sent home a bag of cayenne with a child who claimed the dog. She instructed the child to give the dog a few more pinches of cayenne in a little while. A dog which otherwise would have died was able to survive and do well.  A little miracle.

Keeping a container of our Cayenne Blend Powder both in your car and your home would be a great addition to your first aid kits. When I was a child, my mother would dab Mercurochrome on my cuts and scrapes. It really would sting! Not only that but it had mercury in it. Oh boy. Now you can just run a dash of cayenne powder over your cuts. It will stop the bleeding quickly.  Try it next time you have a cut.

I have used the cayenne since I received it. Mostly on foods and occasionally in water. It seems to be benefiting me. I had by-pass surgery last Aug 99 since then my legs swell up during the day. The pepper seems to cut the swelling at least in half. My digestion seems better also.  – R.H. Ennis, MT.

Recipe for Homemade Cayenne Ointment

Mix ¼ cup of olive oil (or other vegetable oil) with ¼ teaspoon of our Cayenne Concentrate or our Cayenne Blend Powder.

To begin with, use sparingly on areas of pain to check your tolerance level of heat. Add cayenne for more heat or add olive oil for less heat. Reuse often on the same areas to augment its pain-relieving effect.

Spice Things Up

Male potency can be enhanced due to increased blood flow. You’ll see cayenne in many male energy enhancing formulas. Could work. Worth a try? I don’t know. (Ask your wife.)

Check out our formulas for CAYENNE on our website: 


I was prescribed Cayenne Concentrate by my doctor to help with detoxifying from heavy metal poisoning as it increases circulation. I take two drops in the morning and two drops when I go in the sauna. It handles my cramps too. They go away when I take it. – D.M. 

Am very glad I was introduced to Cayenne. I use it with garlic and ginger and my blood pressure has come down. Will soon be using other products. – R.C., Fairbanks, AK

Health Tip: 

Before reaching for the aspirin bottle next time you have an ache, pain or headache, consider this: Studies have shown that aspirin can cause stomach bleeding and ulcers. In many cases the people developing the ulcers are not aware of this fact. Perhaps the lesson we should learn is to rely more on the goodness of the nurturing plants that Mother Nature provides and less on synthetic drugs for our health needs.

Once again, I thank you for reading. Best wishes to you and your family for your robust and excellent health. Peace to you.

See you next week!

Company President, Ron Radstrom


*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Consult with your health practitioner on what is best for you.


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