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Confessions of a Tooth …                                                        

A sweet tooth to be precise.  When I was a youngster, I couldn’t resist Three Muskateers bars or Butterfingers. Did anyone else have a sweet tooth weakness? I was happy whenever I had the chance to eat those sweeties! But my teeth were not happy. They decayed, and got drilled and filled with  amalgam fillings. No one had the concept of how to really prevent that from happening then – even the dentist gave us lollipops!

Summer is here with all the ice cream, pies, sodas, and other
sweet-tooth “foods” that are so easy to gulp down on a hot day. Teeth can’t hold up to the assaults of sugar.  Those easy temptations we barely think about drinking and eating provide such poor nutrition to the teeth that they cause teeth to die from the inside out, not just from the bacteria on tooth surfaces. So I thought I’d share some things that can really can make a difference for teeth.

Southern Botanicals Oral Remedy

Diet is important for tooth health, and avoiding processed foods like the plague will go far to rebuild your health. But right now, we know there can be Tooth Emergencies which need attention immediately in order to avoid drastic dentistry.

There are herbs that can help the life of a tooth by:

  • Attacking and destroying harmful bacteria that deteriorate the teeth and gums.   
  • Reducing pain, soothing and toning soft painful tissues in the mouth.
  • Increasing circulation for healing.

We make a high quality herbal remedy Oral Remedy Concentrate that does just that! It contains wild-crafted and organically grown herbs, Echinacea Augustifolia & purpurea, Tree Tea oil, Bayberry bark, Red Oak bark & galls, Cayenne, Peppermint oil and Clove Bud oil, to care for your teeth and gums and help you avoid painful  and costly dental surgery if possible.

“Oral Remedy Concentrate saved my life. I had a tooth which was going abscess and causing me a great deal of pain. It was also starting to enter into the initial stages of gum disease. I began using oral remedy for about a week. At that time I began to notice that my tooth and gum was healing up. A month later and I have no sign of disease and feel great.”  D.L. Seattle, WA

I used Oral Remedy Concentrate myself for brushing my teeth when I had a very sore aching tooth and tender gums. I did not want a root canal or to pull the tooth so I started using Oral Remedy Concentrate daily.  The pain went away after a week or so. The area fully healed and I needed no dentistry! I kept using it for months – it is certainly a great alternative to any fluoride tooth paste. It will rebuild tooth bone loss, tighten teeth, tighten gums and stop bleeding gums with regular use.

“I started using Oral Remedy a couple of years ago when I needed an old, let’s call it a prehistoric bridge removed, it had an infection under it. Infection went away with this product and never has come back. This stuff rebuilds the teeth and gums. Removing and replacing the bridge and crowns would have cost me a pretty penny.” E.J. Clearwater, FL

Find out more about Oral Remedy Concentrate or Order a bottle. 

Company President, Ron Radstrom

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