Natural Ways to Balance Your Body’s pH

In this article we’ll provide some tips on how you can naturally bring your body’s pH into balance whether you are more acidic or alkaline. There’s even a common household spice you can use to test a food or drink to see if it’s too alkaline or acidic!

But first, to find out if your body’s pH is out of balance, there are several different ways to test it. The easiest way is with a saliva pH test using special paper strips that indicate where you fall on the pH scale. Keeping track of your saliva pH can help guide you in how you need to improve your diet and other lifestyle characteristics since emotions also have an affect on pH.

The pH in food and drink is often called either acid-ash or alkaline-ash.  The “ash” means the pH value of a food after it is burned (“metabolized”) by the body.  Some foods (such as oranges, lemons, grapefruits, and apple cider vinegar, for example) will test acid before metabolizing but turn alkaline afterwards.

A recommended ratio of acid-ash to alkaline-ash foods for increased vitality is 90% alkaline to 10% acid until you are well. A maintenance ratio is 70% alkaline to 30% acid producing foods if you are satisfactorily healthy.

Turmeric is a common spice best known for its beautiful bright orange color and use in Indian cooking. The interesting thing is you can use it to test the pH in food or drink!  The active ingredient in turmeric, curcumin, is a pH indicator. When you put turmeric in foods that have a pH value under 7.4, the turmeric will turn yellow. In  foods with a pH above 8.6, it turns red.

Alkaline food is essential for our body and should be consumed in abundance to keep the pH level balanced. Foods such as vegetables, fresh fruit, raw nuts and seeds, and fresh squeezed juices create alkaline residues. This strengthens health, vitality and on-demand energy.

Other ways you can balance your body’s pH:

  • Make and drink one fresh 32 oz Fresh Fruit-Veggie Smoothie a day with Vital Nutrition Plus, our super-foods green powder.
  • For a detailed guide to which food and drink is acidic or alkalizing, purchase and use the 80/20 Alkaline/Acid Chart to revise your diet choices.
  • Track your pH balance with pH paper testers to know where you need to make adjustments for balance.

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