What Safe, Natural Substance Kills Parasites, Beautifies Hair, Skin & Nails and More for Pennies a Day

It sounds too good to believe that such a substance exists. But it does. It’s called Diatomaceous Earth or for short DE. There are many uses for DE, including pool cleaning, but for Personal health and beauty, use only Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth.

This amazing stuff is the remains of diatoms (fossilized one cell algae which lived in oceans, streams and lakes in the western part of the USA and other places long ago). This “earth” comes in powder form and is 100% organic and natural.

Diatomaceous Earth is totally non-toxic and is not a chemical. It kills parasites, fungi, viruses, worms, protozoa and bacteria mechanically. DE is 85% silicon and contains many other trace minerals. These minerals create a hard shell around the fossilized algae that form honey-comb like cylindrical structures, containing numerous sharp chambers.

Parasite and Waste Removal…

Parasites, fungi, insects, viruses, bacteria as well as pesticides, chemical residues and heavy metals are pulled into the chambers where the living pathogens are shredded by the sharp edges and die of dehydration. These are then eliminated from the body via the intestines. Note: When you take DE, be sure to drink lots of water. Otherwise you can become seriously dehydrated. Don’t inhale the DE either, just as you wouldn’t inhale other powders.

Parasites are very common but not usually suspected . An estimated 85-90% of North Americans have parasites. You may have no symptoms for years. But when you do you may experience the following: lack of energy, diarrhea or constipation, itchy anus, weight loss, hunger after meals, skin problems, insomnia, food allergies, anemia or lupus.

Parasites live mainly in the intestines but can travel to all areas of your body including the blood stream. They live off of foods you eat and deprive your body of proper nutrition. The food grade DE scrapes old wastes from intestinal walls and cleanses your intestinal tract, making it a less hospitable environment for parasites. A clean intestinal tract and colon help your body to absorb minerals and other nutrients.

DE can kill all parasites no matter where they are, even in the blood , since it travels through your blood stream. It is safe for humans and pets. Industrial strength DE is used in swimming pool filters and contains chemicals. Remember to only use food grade.

If you want to use the DE for elimination of parasites, heavy metals and toxins, start with just one teaspoon a day diluted in 8 ounces of purified or distilled water and increase the dose gradually to one – two tablespoons daily. This prevents you from detoxifying too quickly which can be uncomfortable. When using DE to cleanse it’s especially important to eat healthful, nutrient-dense foods to support your immune system.

Some people continue to take the Diatomaceous Earth daily even after symptoms are handled because it has so many additional benefits.

DE for Beautiful hair, Skin and Nails…

Diatomaceous earth is used by people all over the world to beautify hair, skin and nails. All three are composed of silica and need additional silica for optimal health. This is because today our foods are only able to provide about 1/3 rd the amount of silica that your body needs due to depleted soils.

The silica in DE makes hair shiny and lustrous. Healthy skin needs silica, too. Taking DE makes your skin feel softer. Collagen under the skin increases skin moisture and elasticity because of silica.

DE can be used externally for skin exfoliation. Using DE regularly can turn dull, dry skin into a radiant complexion.

Weak , brittle, breaking nails can be transformed into strong, hard ones by taking 1 to 2 tablespoons of DE daily. Your nails will look and feel much better. Strong nails not only look great but are more also far more useful.

Some other Benefits…

There are so many uses for DE they could fill a book.  You aren’t likely to find medical studies on this subject as most are funded by pharmaceutical companies for patented products. But DE cannot be patented because it comes from Mother Nature.

Bones need calcium and silica is vital to calcium absorption . Without enough silica calcium supplements often cannot provide the amounts needed for strong bones. DE helps the calcium to get used in your bones.

And you can get it for just pennies a day right here.

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  1. Thank you for this super valuable information. This product is awesome. Just remember that it’s best to take in the morning as it can give you energy that will keep you awake. I put it in a banana berry almond milk smoothie for my daughters and myself each day.

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