Easy Tip to Add Flavor and Nutrition To Your Diet

Easy Tip to Add Flaovr and Nutrition to Your Diet

Whether you eat paleo, vegan or somewhere in between, you can find ways to add more spark, flavor, and nutrition to your foods here with Tonic Supreme.

For an incredible boost in flavor, use our apple cider vinegar/ garlic/ onion/ ginger/ cayenne/ horseradish alkalizing tonic liquid, Tonic Supremeinstead of salt or soy sauce for a delicious savory, spicy taste on anything!

Veggies: Jazz up your broccoli, green beans or other veggies by sprinkling a little over the vegetables after cooking, or raw.

Veggies: Mix a tablespoon into salad dressing, or just sprinkle over a salad along with olive oil

Put by the spoonful to taste in any soup before serving. Yum, adds savory flavor!

Add a couple of tablespoons to any tomato sauce for a richer flavor with just a hint of spice.

Paleo: Tonic Supreme makes a great condiment for meats, either by itself or added to sauces. It helps to add an alkalizing element as well as perfect taste!

tonic supreme

Paleo: Love deviled eggs but looking for a healthier version without processed mayonnaise? Use Tonic Supreme instead, our apple cider vinegar/ garlic/ onion/ ginger/ cayenne/ horseradish alkalizing tonic liquid! Tonic Supreme helps create a smooth texture while adding a full savory, spicy flavor.  See Recipe for Deviled Eggs

Deviled Egg Recipe
Hard boil the desired number of eggs.
Once cooled, cut in half and scoop out the yolks.
Add 1/2 tbsp. Tonic Supreme per egg for small batches,
or 1/3 to ½ cup for a dozen eggs, mashing and mixing together until it reaches the proper texture.
Spoon a mound of the mixture back to into each egg white half.
Garnish: Sprinkle some paprika or cayenne on top for color. Or garnish with cut parsley or cilantro.
Serve chilled

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