Lifestyle is the most important means of maintaining health!


Healthy Lifestyle Checklist

  • Sunshine and time outdoors in nature (the Japanese call it “forest bathing” for health and balance)
  • Sleep, especially maintaining your Circadian rhythm by sleeping in the dark and waking in the natural light
  • Clean, whole foods unadulterated with chemicalshealth freedom's salad recipe
  • Clean water and adequate hydration, using both water and fresh, naturally high-liquid plant-based foods (fruits, green vegetables)
  • Use of wider variety of foods, especially plants, in the diet to properly feed the microbiome and maintain healthy gut flora
  • Circulation, through movement, your favorite exercise, massage, and also appropriate circulation-boosting herbs
  • Natural remedies including light, water, clean air, foods, herbs, sleep, circulation – and spiritual connection.
  • Reducing stress
  • Doing things that align your life with your purposes.
  • Doing things you enjoy. This includes spending time with people who help you appreciate life and your healthy lifestyle.
  • Contribute to a better life – find ways to help others in some way.



        Steps for Improvement:

  1. Look over the list.
  2. Note which are your strongest points contributing to a positive, healthy lifestyle.
  3. Decide which points you most want to change.
  4. Decide which points would be easiest for you to improve.
  5. Decide what you can do now to start in the direction you want for a healthier life.
  6. Implement something you can do now to make a difference, no matter how small.
  7. Make a longer term plan of actions you want, and get more information about how to, if needed.
  8. Work on it now and over time, checking off steps of successful improvement.
  9. Seek more information, support or fellowship for points you’d like help with.
  10. Keep on going. Try more things to improve. Don’t give up.


The Miracle isn't that I Finished. The Miracle is that I had the Courage to Start. John Bingham


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