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Intestinal Cleanse Product Information

Nature's Way Of Cleansing & Restoring Body Function
Improve Nutrient Absorbtion Through Proper Cleansing

When patients eat poorly, are not absorbing nutrients, and have a clogged colon, it can be difficult to resolve other health issues.

Getting rid of the accumulated wastes, cleansing the intestinal track so that absorption is better and toxins are no longer lodged in the body, can help. This elimination supports and improves the function of the whole body. Proper testing of other body systems and the corrective actions work better when harmful substances are being moved out of the system regularly.

Intestinal Cleanse 1

Strengthens & Opens the Bowels
For slow-moving bowels, chronic or acute constipation there is no equal to Intestinal Cleanse 1. Stimulates and strengthens the muscles of the gastro-intestinal tract. It will ensure regularity while the diet is changed or other underlying cause of constipation is found and handled. Use to strengthen muscle action (peristalsis) and improve the regularity of bowel movements. Healthy bowel movements mean complete formed stools twice a day, or about as many times as major meals eaten the previous day. Also on an occasional emergency basis, Intestinal Cleanse 1 can be used to move out poor diet choices the next day when one has eaten out in unfamiliar places or over-eating as during holidays.

90 Gel-Caps - Suggested Retail: $24.75
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Intestinal Cleanse 2

Soothe, Purify & Heal
Powerful bowel purifier effective for both occasional problems and chronic toxicity. Will calm and soothe the entire gastro-intestinal system quickly. It's gentle bulk is designed to absorb irritants, toxins, heavy metals, chemical residuals, even some micro-organisms, removes old impacted fecal matter. Herbs are soothing to the mucus membranes of the digestive tract.

Intestinal Cleanse 2 can also be used in small doses to absorb any gas that may occur when wastes are released with Intestinal Cleanse 1.

Suggested Retail:
3.2 oz Powder - $14.00
14 oz Powder - $24.00
90 Gel-Caps - $22.75
300 Gel-Caps - $58.00

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Cleanse Duo
Intestinal Cleanse 1 & 2

The Duo Works Together for a Periodic Detoxification Cleanse Intestinal Cleanse 1 & 2 work together to cleanse, purify and heal the entire intestinal tract. Benefits seen from a 10-day or two to three week Cleanse using the Cleanse Duo include more energy, better sleep, clearer thinking and improved memory, calmness and reduction of stress. Other benefits may include improved skin conditions and overall increased ability of the body to correct its functioning of organs and glands. This cleanse will give some of these benefits even without changing the diet, although more profound benefits result when you cleanse while modifying the diet.

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Gentle Intestinal Cleanse 3

Gentle Fruit & Herb Liquid Children's Remedy
Our California Fig base softens stools, provides fiber and promotes easy bowel movements. Milder than Intestinal Cleanse 1, it is a delicious, gentle remedy for constipation. Excellent for children, the elderly, pets and anyone who doesn't like capsules.

4 oz bottle - Suggested Retail: $28.50

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